You Might Be a Montauk Hipster If…

The last time I was out in Montauk I was simply stunned by how many hipsters from Manhattan were out there. The amount of black rimmed glasses and stingy brim fedora summer hats hit me in the face like a ton of bricks.

I brought it up casually in conversation last night and it was agreed by all, there are a lot of hipsters in Montauk. The only issue with the hipster problem in Montauk is that many of them have absolutely no idea that they are hipsters. So, here are a few little signals of Montauk hipsterdom that I’ve come up with in case you are unsure of your Montauk hipster-ality.

1. If the words, “Let’s go play acoustic guitar on the beach” have ever come out of your mouth, you may, per chance, be a Montauk hipster.

2. If you own a pair of black Ray-Ban sunglasses and wear them to lunch at Duryea’s, you might be a Montauk hipster.

3. If you are a pasty white male who is “learning how to surf this summer in Montauk,” you might be a Montauk hipster.

4. If you dream of one day buying a beat up pickup truck or Jeep Wrangler for $500 to carry your $5,000 worth of brand new surfboards and wetsuits, you might be a Montauk hipster.

5. If you feel naked without your stingy brim fedora, it’s quite possible, there is a chance, you are a Montauk hipster.

6. If the words, “Let’s drink Vodka out of water bottles and get drunk on the train out to Montauk” have ever come out of your mouth, you might be a Montauk hipster.

7. If you are 23, live in New York City, work in marketing or finance, and think that you’d make a great commercial fisherman in Montauk, it’s quite possible that you are a Montauk hipster.

8. If you once wrote a personal blog post about how you once caught your own fish in Montauk and then cooked it for dinner and then facebooked a picture of said cooked fish with the phrase, “nothing beats catching your own food to nourish oneself,” you’re probably a Montauk hipster.

9. If you’ve ever had a photo shoot at the beach for your indie music album cover, it just may happen that you’re a Montauk hipster.

10. If you are the mayor of any location in Montauk on Foursquare, you might be a Montauk hipster.

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