Chris Cuomo’s “New Day” Begins on CNN

Chris Cuomo and New Day co-hosts
Chris Cuomo and his New Day co-hosts. CNN

Southampton resident Chris Cuomo’s new morning show, New Day, debuted on CNN last week. Cuomo co-hosts the show with Michaela Pereira and Kate Bolduan.

The show is CNN head Jeff Zucker‘s attempt to grab audiences with a brand new weekday morning show. The three-hour program premiered Monday, June 17 and has so far received mixed reviews as the three hosts establish their rapport and get the show going. Cuomo and Bolduan claim to be pals on- and off-screen and they seem to have an easy and fun relationship.

New Day senior executive producer Jim Murphy helmed Good Morning America on ABC when Cuomo was news anchor on the program, so it seems he is among friends for this new endeavor. “I care about the people that I work with,” the host said, adding, “I care about the audience, sometimes too much.”

Watch Cuomo discuss his family at home and on TV in the video below.

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