Q&A: Hair Stylist to the Stars Marc Zowine

Marc Zowine
Marc Zowine

We chat with celebrity hair colorist and hair stylist Marc Zowine, who shuttles between New York, the Hamptons and Palm Beach to meet the needs of his A-list and celebrity clients, about hair trends, how to prevent hair loss, and more.

Can you give us some background of your history in the industry?

I changed careers nearly 20 years ago when I was out to dinner with Michael Kors. I asked him what he thought I would be good at and he said, “you’d be a great hairstylist” and I took it to heart. I was working at NBC at the time, but Wilfred Beauty Academy was nearby so I met with one of their consultants…and the rest is history. I immediately began working as an assistant to John D’Orazio, a great hairstylist. He had a small, exclusive salon on Madison Avenue and working there exposed me to a slew of great women, including Jacqueline Onassis, Diane von Furstenberg, and Gloria Steinem. I soon found myself styling a variety of notable women’s hair, including Sharon Stone and Mariah Carey.

Can you tell us what you learned working with these big industry names?

John D’Orazio taught me how to cut and gave me a great sense of how to treat women who are in your chair. It’s a very personal matter. He also had a colorist there who inspired me. She used to work with Jackie when she was in the White House and Lauren Bacall… so you can imagine. And my experience at Frederic Fekkai was very intense. He runs a tight ship and a great business.

Can you tell us about Personal Hair Design? Where do you work from?

Seven years ago I went private. I developed what I call Personal Hair Design because each look is unique and individual to the person I design it for. I live hair. In New York I work from my 48th floor apartment with an assistant. I turned my second bedroom into a full salon. In the Hamptons I currently work from Fay Teller Salon in Bridgehampton as an independent and book my own appointments. In Palm Beach I will be working from a salon on Worth Avenue and of course I travel to certain people’s home.

What are women asking for most right now in terms of cut and color?

Long layered and sexy or short sassy pixie are what’s hot in cuts now. Colors now seem to be bold…Jennifer Lawrence’s raven black or Gwyneth Paltrow’s blonde are very popular, as are high contrast colors whether it’s with ombré or highlights.

What are the hair essentials that you think every woman should own?

A good blow dryer! So many women have inexpensive blow dryers and they can really damage hair. Twin Turbo and Super Solano are my favorites. And of course, good brushes like Mason Pearson and boar bristle brushes like Ibiza. I also think a gorgeous Hermes scarf always helps for those off days.

Can you tell us some of your favorite hair product brands?

My favorites include Kerasilk by Goldwell, Kerastase and Moroccan Oil.

People often say that what you eat affects the health of your hair. Any thoughts on that?

Absolutely! Protein and Vitamin D-rich foods with Omega-3 fatty acids are terrific for the hair as are those rich in Zinc, Biotin and Iron. We are what we eat they say, yes?

Hair loss is always a concern. Any tips?

Yes! Go easy on brushing the hair. Genetically there’s very little to be done, but brushing lightly if necessary and shampooing less I believe can help. Also, avoiding tight hairstyles like ponytails and braids.

What are some of your favorite spots out East?

I’m a Sagaponack kind of a guy. I love all the beaches there. Lobster salad from Loaves and Fishes with a sunset on Gibson Beach is dreamy! Burgers and chicken soup at Silver’s. Lobsters from Duryea’s in Montauk or Dockside in Sag Harbor and a casual ride past the horse farms in Bridge are heaven.

Marc Zowine generally takes appointments by referral. He books himself, speaking to potential clients before booking at 917-597-2491.

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