Dan’s Taste of Two Forks Countdown: Gerry Hayden of The North Fork Table & Inn

North Fork Table & Inn Chef Gerry Hayden and wife Claudia
Chef Gerry Hayden and his wife, Claudia

Chef Gerry Hayden of The North Fork Table & Inn was honored at the 2012 Dan’s Taste of Two Forks with the inaugural Two Forks Outstanding Achievement Award, in recognition of his dedication to the local community, local produce and ingredients. As we count down the days until this year’s Dan’s Taste of Two Forks and GrillHamptonwe talk to Gerry about Long Island Wine Country, his favorite local fare, foie gras and more delicious topics.

What are you most looking forward to at Dan’s Taste of Two Forks this year? Bobby Flay

What is one food or dish that everyone should try at least once in life? Foie gras

Describe your relationship with food in three words: Love it.

What quality do you most admire in a chef? Discipline and perseverance

Long Island Wine Country is celebrating 40 years this summer—what would you say in a toast to LI Wine? Bravo! Your recognition was long overdue.

If we looked inside your refrigerator right now, what would we find? You would find peach iced tea, eggs, Tabasco, horseradish and fresh, local salad greens.

The Perfect Drink for a Summer Night: Chilled McCall rosé

Food that defines summer on Long Island: Corn

If you had two forks in your hands right now, what would you like to stick them in? I would like a piece of big eye tuna and ice-cold ripe melon.

The world ends tomorrow. Your last meal would be: A true Neapolitan pizza from Naples.

What is your favorite local ingredient? Striped bass

What is your guilty food pleasure these days? Caramel ice cream

What’s great about being part of the cuisine culture on the East End? That I was an intricate part of making it better.

What do you consider a chef’s most underrated virtue? Commitment to hospitality

Finish This Sentence: The Perfect Meal Is… With my wife.

Dan’s Taste of Two Forks is Saturday, July 13, at Sayre Park, 156 Snake Hollow Road, Bridgehampton. The inaugural GrillHampton will be held on Friday, July 12, beginning at 8 p.m. at Sayre Park. For tickets and more information for both events, visit danstasteoftwoforks.com

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