East Hampton Idiots Spotted on Facebook

East Hampton Idiot Spotted
East Hampton idiot, Photo: Tim Shea

There’s no question that the Hamptons has its fair share of idiots—especially in the summer, and especially in East Hampton. Sorry folks, but them’s the facts.

Now there’s a new “East Hampton Idiot Spotter” Facebook page to prove it and it’s growing every day. A population armed with cell phone cameras and lots of dopey and inconsiderate people have created a perfect storm for eye-rolling humor. Since its inception on Friday, July 5, the page already has 8,633 “Likes” (as of 11:45 a.m. on Monday) and numerous wall posts featuring images of and stories about local “idiots.”

Among the pictures amusing so many people in such a short period of time, East Hampton Idiot Spotter features a photo of a man shopping at the IGA supermarket in a speedo bathing suit, an SUV parked in front of the Main Street light in East Hampton with half the vehicle in the road, several cars stuck in the sand on the beach—including one Audi that clearly is not four-wheel drive (photo below), a few ridiculous outfits and license plates (like the New Jersey plate that reads: NY CITY), a beached boat and more baffling and offensive parking jobs.

The creator notes, “This is a fun page, your fun page, to post pics and stories about the IDIOTS that have taken over our town, the emphasis being FUN!!” The intro further notes that anyone who finds an image or post offensive can contact an administrator and request that it be removed. And, despite the site’s premise, it also says nasty banter or attacks between posters would not be tolerated, adding, “If the page stops being fun for some, then it’s fun for none, and that’s not what we’re about!”

Take a look at facebook.com/EastHamptonIdiotSpotter or share your own Hamptons idiot stories right here in our comments.

Featured photo above was provided by Tim Shea, who is driving the red F-150 in the picture, which was taken by a family friend a few weeks ago. Below photo of Audi in sand from East Hampton Idiot Spotter administrator. Daniel Star-Tambor took the picture at the Duck Pond in April.

East Hampton Idiot Spotter AUDI
Courtesy East Hampton Idiot Spotter Admin
Duck Pond Idiot
Photo: Daniel Star-Tambor

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