What the Heck Is Prince William’s Last Name?

Yesterday I was having dinner with my sister in East Hampton and the topic of the royal family came up. It’s amazing to me how many people have been following Prince William and Kate Middleton lately. The entire table had an opinion on their newborn baby. Everybody was talking about them as if they knew them personally, even myself. “They should name the baby Henry, that’s a strong name,” my sister said.

“No, that’s too typical, I don’t think that they will do that,” said my sister’s friend.

“What’s the last name of the baby going to be?” my nice Solange asked.

The entire table sat in silence. Not a single person, including my Dad (who seems to know everything even though he’s not exactly the most accurate man in the world) could come up with an answer. “I know Kate Middleton’s last name!” My sister, a grown woman with two kids, declared at the table as if she was trying to prove something.

“Is it Windsor? Maybe it’s Windsor? Do they even have last names?” I said.

Nobody had any idea and there were a few attempts to look up the answer on our iPhones at the table, but the service in Springs for AT&T is terrible and nobody seemed to have the energy to look up the answer.

Well I know what your thinking right now…WHAT’S THE LAST NAME ALREADY!?!?!

I looked it up for you guys. It turns out, they really don’t have last name. Prince William’s official name is the Duke of Cambridge. Kate Middleton’s official title is Catherine, Dutchess of Cambridge. Prince Harry and Prince William sometimes are referred to as Prince William Wales or Prince Harry Wales because their father is officially the Prince of Wales. But that doesn’t mean they have a last name.

They just have the first name and they are “of something”, however, it is possible for them to have a last name, it’s just up to the family. According to the royal family website, members of the British royalty can choose whether to have a surname or simply use the name of the royal house in which they reside. So the newborn son who we still do not have a first name for might be “of something” or might be a Wales or something else. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Why I even remotely care about any of this still remains a mystery to me.

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