Amy Zerner’s Fashion Sense: Skull Jewelry

Amy Zerner Skull Jewelry
Skull Earrings by Amy Zerner

The skull symbolizes spiritual regeneration, as well as protection, strength, power, transformation, transcendence and mystery.

In the rock world, many attribute the popularity of skull jewelry to Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, who has sported a skull ring since way back. It comes from the image of the pirate, the black flag, and that’s been around for centuries. The skull is an image of being a rebel, someone who lives life by different rules—it is also a symbol of survival.

Ancient civilizations like the Egyptians and the Aztecs used the skull as a symbol of the cycle of death and rebirth. In these cultures, death was not encumbered with the same stigma as in today’s Western world. Many primitive cultures believed wearing skulls would ensure protection and well-being.

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