Dear Justin Bieber, Please Stay Out of the Hamptons if You’re Going to Behave Like a Child

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber. Credit: Joe Bielawa

I’m usually very pro celebrity when it comes to the Hamptons. I love the fact that Steven Spielberg and Alec Baldwin are randomly hanging out here during the summertime. I would be happy about Justin Bieber too, but I’m afraid he’s gone to the dark side of the Hamptons force. His behavior is like a child who thinks he owns the place. According to The New York Daily News, Bieber got into a fight at the South Pointe Nightclub in Southampton.

Seriously? A fight? And you took your shirt off during the fight? At a freaking nightclub in Southampton? What’s next, a bar fight at Nick & Toni’s? Come on, man, nobody is impressed if you get into a fight at a nightclub like this. You’re not exactly dealing with the hardest people in the world out here, buddy.

One great thing about the Hamptons is that even the big time people out here have to play by the rules and show some respect because they are surrounded by big time players. Nobody here really plays the celebrity game, and when they do, it is lame here. It’s not a business here like it is in Los Angeles or in Manhattan. Nobody gives a crap. They just don’t.

Show some class, be relaxed and peaceful and enjoy yourself out here. This just isn’t the place where your going to score points behaving like a child.

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