Ferrari’s V12 Hybrid Will Soon Be in the Hamptons with Ralph Lauren

Ferrari unveiled a V12 hybrid super car in Geneva back in March that got a lot of Hamptonites excited. The new car is the fastest Ferrari on the market today, and it’s good on gas, so you know, that means you care about the environment as you pull into your one of 10 mansions.

Alright fine, I admit it, I want a freaking Ferrari to drive around in. How can you NOT want a Ferrari? It’s like saying that you don’t want to be an astronaut.

Regardless of my hypocritical envy, the fact that it’s a hybrid sends a good message. Ferrari has officially told the world that hybrids can be beautiful and fast, and they nailed it. The new car is called the Ferrari LaFerrari and it has a 789-horsepower gasoline engine as well as a 160-horsepower electric motor.

That’s a lot of horses.

Only 499 of the LaFerrari will be built, and one of those will be owned by Ralph Lauren, who is on the waiting list of owners, which means undoubtedly that you will be seeing this car soon in the Hamptons.

It might only be for a moment however, LaFerrari has a top speed of 205 miles per hour, so if it whizzes by you at top speed, you’ll need to pay attention. Of course, most likely, you’ll probably just hear the AWESOME sounding roar of an engine as it’s put into first gear and travels along a few feet at a time in Hamptons traffic.

It’s worth it, baby. It’s worth it.

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