Monte Farber’s Psychic Thoughts: Meaning of the Moon Card

Moon Card from Monte Farber and Amy Zerner's Enchanted Tarot
The Moon card art & text © from Amy & Monte's Enchanted Tarot

Just as we know that the world does not fade away while we sleep, the land of our dreams and the incredible power of our Higher Self live on while we are awake. It is this world that is contacted by people who we of the waking world now call “enlightened,” but used to call “enchanted.”

Like our dreams themselves, the tarot and the visual arts have the power to guide us in a way that routinely transcends differences of language and culture.

This is the Moon card’s meaning in our Enchanted Tarot.

The Awakening: This is the darkness before the dawn. Separate false illusions from reality. Even though the path may seem frightening and treacherous, you need not fear the mysterious unknown. Your intuition can guide you to hidden opportunities. Remember to save your energies for the challenges ahead and not squander them on anxious worrying.

The Enchantment: Outside, under a waning moon, visualize a circle of protective light around yourself as you stand by a body of water. Hold a black stone in your hands. Concentrate and project a specific fear of yours into this stone. Then strongly hurl it out of your circle of light into a pond, lake, stream or ocean as you chant: “With this stone, fear be banished, into water, it has vanished.”

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