Tom Wedell Is Protesting Dan’s Papers Today

Tom Wedell Protests Dan's
Tom Wedell Protests Dan's, Photo: Oliver Peterson

As he promised in July, the Hamptons’ favorite protestor Tom Wedell is in front of the Dan’s Papers office, picket sign in hand, today.

Months ago, in March, Dan’s Editor in Chief and founder Dan Rattiner published an article, “Where are you, Tom Wedell?” which made some humorous guesses about where Wedell had been during an extended time off from protesting alleged illegal immigrants/day laborers outside 7-Eleven in Southampton. Well, he didn’t like the story or the suggestion that he’s paid for picketing, and told us he had plans to protest the paper. “I’ve got a sign made for Danny, I just haven’t been over there yet,” Wedell said while protesting in his usual spot in July.

Well, he’s made good on his promise, despite my July 16 story in The Scoop (and an extended version in the July 26 issue of Dan’s Papers), which allowed Wedell to share his views and discuss his plight finding work in the Hamptons. He’s out there right now brandishing a sign that reads: “STOP LYING RAT-NOR.”

Thanks, Tom.

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