Getting Your Hamptons House Sell-Ready: A Primer

This is move-in ready! CREDIT:

When showing your home to sell, whether a Hamptons house or one elsewhere—on the North Fork, up-island, anywhere—there are important details to keep in mind. Careful planning and due diligence will allow for a much higher success rate. Begin by making a master checklist in order of priority. Key targets include well-maintained landscaping, a fresh coat of paint, upgraded appliances and organization of living space.

When a home is cared for and organized, it creates a sense of confidence and a feeling of calm. First impressions are lasting impressions and an immaculate yard is the gateway to an initial attraction to your home—“love at first sight,” as they say. Fresh blooming flowers in the garden, manicured shrubs and trees, power-washed sidewalks and patios and clean windows will make the outside of your home sparkle. If the paint on your home is chipping away and a little tattered, perhaps it’s time to spruce things up a bit. Changing the color of the front door or outside trim can also create an entire new look and make your house look like new. Yes, this is labor intensive; however, there are an abundance of reputable landscapers, maintenance helpers and painters on the East End that can take care of all your needs.

It’s crucial to maintain superior cleanliness and extreme organization inside your home. Make it your priority to keep things tidy—clutter-free countertops, shiny floors, clean grout and sparkling appliances will definitely impress. It’s also important not to have too many personal items get in the way—we’re not gearing up for a family reunion. As the seller, you want to provide a platform upon which a potential buyer can visualize their own family living in this new space—we don’t need to know Bobby, Jan and Marcia on a personal level. Less is more—a few family photos are totally appropriate—a wall of memories of the past four decades, too much.

An extra pop of color and delicate scents can really set the tone as well—fresh flowers arranged in a beautiful vase your grandmother gave you, mildly scented candles, a bowl of citrus in the kitchen (lemons and oranges can offer a fresh, vibrant aroma) and tasteful throw pillows can be used to accent your home.

Neutral colors are best when decorating. In fact, you may decide to edit some of your favorite items for the moment. Remember, your taste may not be the same as someone who walks into your home. We all have distinctive styles and enjoy incorporating them into our living space—what you deem as tasteful, may be the complete opposite of a potential buyer. This is not a deal breaker, but simplicity is best.

Closets, closets and more closets. When a closet is orderly and open, it can add volumes to the homes potential. Clients don’t want to see how many pairs of shoes or dresses someone owns, they want to visualize whether or not their belongings will fit appropriately in the space. Closet space is extremely important, so make the best of the space you’re showcasing.

When selling a home, it’s important to remember you’re also selling a lifestyle. The tips we covered are only a few key points to consider. Staging your home to sell and creating an inviting atmosphere will move things in the right direction. It’s all about the presentation. Good luck with your next showing and sell, sell, sell!

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