HAMPTONS MOVIES: Hot Flicks This Week, September 6-12

Salinger Film

Keep an eye out for these films in the Hamptons this week.

A Teacher
A Teacher is the unrated story of Diana, a high school teacher who has an affair with one of her students. Hot for teacher, anyone?

99%—The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film
A few short years ago, wealth disparity in the United States was a non-starter as an issue. Occasionally discussed in the highbrow media, it was largely ignored by the mainstream press and by our political leaders. We lacked a way to talk about it. If Occupy Wall Street did nothing else, it provided the language to easily frame the issue, and by doing so brought the issue into the mainstream. Who doesn’t understand the idea of the 99%, or of the wealthy 1%? Now that wealth disparity is part of the national conversation, it will be very difficult for anyone to sweep it back under the rug. 99%—The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film documents the movement that made this change.

Jayne Mansfield’s Car
From publicity about Jayne Mansfield’s Car, it’s very difficult to tell what this new film by Billy Bob Thornton has to do with Jayne Mansfield’s car. That is, other than the fact that Jayne Mansfield died in a car accident that took place in Mississippi and this film is set in the south among southerners, the film wouldn’t appear to have much to do with Jayne Mansfield or her car. Even so, perhaps it’s worth it to revisit some of the details of Mansfield’s grisly death in order to background the film a bit. Jayne Mansfield died instantly when the car she was in plowed into the back of a tractor-trailer. The car went under the trailer, which sheered the top of the car off—but, contrary to rumor, Mansfield was not actually decapitated. The accident led to the introduction of mandatory safety guards, known popularly as “Mansfield bars,” on the backs of tractor-trailers.

If old J.D. hadn’t checked out in 2010, you know he’d have a hemorrhage if he heard about this film. He really would. Salinger, the film I’m talking about, which they’re pushing like it’s going to change the world or something, is really just a bunch of phonies talking about this one stupid book. It’s like they think their lives would be over if the book didn’t exist. I used to think things like that, too, which is why I got into this mess and had to take some time off. So some guy was a great writer, and he wrote a really revolutionary book, and people made this big fuss, and then they got steamed when he went and became a hermit. Big deal! But people are like that. They like to make big fusses over things, and act like everything’s a big deal when it isn’t. They really do.

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