Jason ‘H-Bomb’ Hobson’s Ashes to Be Spread in Inlet Saturday

Jason Hobson
Jason "H-Bomb" Hobson

Friends and family of the late Jason Hobson, a Hampton Bays native who was a commercial fisherman and the head of security at the Boardy Barn, will honor his memory this weekend at the Shinnecock Inlet.

At 2:30 p.m. Saturday, September 28, Hobson’s ashes will be spread in the Inlet, in accordance with his last wishes. Then 36 balloons—one for every year of his life—will be released into the sky. If it rains Saturday, the service will be moved to Sunday, September 29, at the same time.

Hobson died on June 3 , 2013, due to sleep apnea. He was affectionately known as H-Bomb at the Boardy Barn and among friends. His sister, Sharon Hammer, said he got the nickname at Hampton Bays High School while playing football. He sacked the quarterback three or so times, and his friend Domenico Lattanzio yelled out, “You’re the bomb, H!”

“Jason had so many friends and was well-loved,” Hammer said. When services were held at J. Ronald Scott Funeral Home in Hampton Bays in June, 2,500 people attended, she said.

Friends who attend this weekend’s service are asked to wear the T-shirt that was designed to memorialize Hobson. It is based on the smiley face Boardy Barn stickers, but in place of “Boardy Barn” it says “H-Bomb,” the smiley wears a black cap, and it has angel wings and a halo. The shirts are available from Hobson’s mother, Janet, at 631-375-8988 for $15 each.

Ashes will be spread from the Mary Ann, the fishing boat that Hobson worked on. Hammer said Hobson got his start as a commercial fisherman at the age of 14 on the Big Deal. He later worked on Patriot.

Friends will meet on the west side of the Shinnecock Inlet prior to 2:30 p.m. Those with boats are invited to follow the Mary Ann. Others can gather on the beach by Oakland’s for the balloon release.

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