Save Montauk! From Hats? Hipsters?

Save Montauk Hat Sign
Photo from East Hampton Idiot Spotter on Facebook

Our friends at East Hampton Idiot Spotter shared this photo on Facebook last week.

What exactly is the “SAVE MONTAUK” sign protesting? For a moment I thought, “Is this an anti Dan’s Papers, or anti Dan Rattiner sign?” The hat is certainly a match (see below), but I’d be hard pressed to understand why Montauk would take such a turn.

Is it a sign against wearing hats in Montauk? Who could possibly loathe hats enough to have a sign printed about them? Perhaps a local barber or purveyor of hair dyes, gels and other products for our luxurious manes? Probably not.

How could eliminating hats possibly save Montauk? Does Montauk actually need saving?

I guess it depends on who you ask, outside the barbers and hair product selling communities, of course.

Most seem to agree that this cryptic sign is actually a protest of the Montauk hipster invasion. After all, we know how much hipsters like their hats.

Earlier this summer, we ran a guide to help people recognize whether or not they are Montauk hipsters. If you have any question about this, I would recommend reading it here. Perhaps all you need to do is look up and check your chapeau. Does it look anything like the sign?

Does all this mean that our venerable founder, hat maven and Editor in Chief Dan Rattiner was the very first Montauk hipster, at a time before hipsters were actually something to be saved from?

Yes. Indeed I think it does. (If the hat fits…)

Kelly Bensimon and Dan Rattiner at Author's Night, 2012
Dan Rattiner being a hipster (even the hat is right!) with Kelly Bensimon


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