Should You Re-stage Your Home for Fall Showings?

In a resort community popular with second- and even third-home owners, many East End houses are often marketed as summer vacation destinations, and decorated as such.

Now that the air is cooling and green leaves are turning yellow and red, does a staged home need to be re-staged to match the season?

Allegra Dioguardi, a Westhampton Beach home stager and interior decorator who founded Styled & Sold, says that, for the most part, the answer is no.

“When you’re staging a home, you’re selling lifestyle, and the lifestyle out here is beach and summer,” Dioguardi says. “You want to evoke memories of summer, even if it’s December.”

The interior of a house should be left alone, while the yard can be spruced up with seasonal plantings like chrysanthemums, she says.

Dioguardi always advises against using a lot of holiday decor. “Don’t decorate your house with pumpkins and skeletons if your house is on the market,” she said. A staged home should have some personality, but the decor should be universal rather than personal—“Something that everybody loves. Not everybody loves pumpkins and skeletons, but everyone loves mums.”

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