Sea-TV Says Farewell to Advocate Dr. Josephine DeVincenzi After 10 Years

Dr. Josephine DeVincenzi leaves Sea-TV
Left To Right: Liz Burns, John Botos, Rob Florio, Councilwoman Christine Scalera, Dr. Josephine DeVincenzi, Robert Ross, Bruce Nalepinski, Amy Pearson

After 10 years of dedicated service, Dr. Josephine DeVincenzi will be leaving the Southampton Town Sea-TV committee. A retired Assistant Superintendent of Southampton Schools, former principal, “Dr. D,” of Southampton High School and former Chair and Co-Chair of Sea-TV, Dr. DeVincenzi was an integral part in the establishment of the education and government access channel and its committee.

“Josephine is extraordinarily devoted to education and her time on the Sea-TV committee has reflected that,” said Councilwoman Christine Scalera and Town Board liaison to the Sea-TV, “she has been a tremendous asset to the channel and the Town, she will truly be missed.”

During the channels early years, Dr. DeVincenzi was instrumental in the airing of Annenburg Educational programming and meeting with Villages officials to gain their support for Sea-TV. She also notes one of her greatest accomplishments was helping to select Bruce Nalepinski as the Executive Director of Sea-TV. “Bruce’s experience in public television made a remarkable difference in building the channel, including the creation of its name and logo,” said Dr. DeVincenzi.

She also credits her work as a school administrator enabling her to educate the Southampton School District on the importance of airing the school board meetings, special events and presentations. “Airing these meetings and activities helped to enable our parents and the community to have a better understanding of the schools program,” Dr. DeVincenzi said.

“It has been my pleasure to have worked with Dr. DeVincenzi on the Sea-TV Committee, both during my tenure as the Town’s Deputy Supervisor and now as a volunteer committee member,” Robert Ross said. “Her vast knowledge, determination and organizational skills have been a major asset to the Committee and she will be missed greatly.”

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