Hamptons Spelling and Grammar: Quogue, Quiogue

Quogue and Quiogue
Quogue and Quiogue, Google Maps

No, “Quiogue” is not a misspelling of “Quogue.”

Quiogue is a hamlet located between Westhampton Beach Village and Quogue Village, in Southampton Town. Because the hamlet is on a peninsula, in writing and conversation it is incorrect to say a house is “in Quiogue.” Rather, say it is “on Quiogue,” the same way one would say “on the South Fork.”

Incorrect: Anderson Cooper lives in Quiogue.
Correct: Anderson Cooper lives on Quiogue.

In addition to Quogue Village, there is a hamlet known as East Quogue between Quogue and Hampton Bays.

The correct pronunciation of Quogue is “Kwog.” It is one syllable and rhymes with “bog.” Quiogue is two syllables and it is pronounced “Kwi-og.” The first half rhymes with “why” and the second half rhymes with “bog.”

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