Monte Farber’s Psychic Thoughts: The Magic of Malachite

Malachite can help you succeed with money and investments
Malachite can help you succeed with money and investments, Courtesy Monte Farber

Malachite owes its rich green color to the presence of copper, the first metal used by our ancestors for beads and tools. Malachite can help you succeed with money and investments, and can help with the implementing of any new business ideas.

To create successful business energy, keep this gemstone in your purse or near your bills. Keep one with you while at work, or presenting a project to an important client.

It may also be used when lacking feelings are blocking your path. If this is true for you, concentrate on the things you have available for your use, not just on the things you own. Copper conducts electricity, but it does not own it. Let your past successes empower you. Do not dwell on past disappointments; just learn from them. What we do not have are things we fear or do not understand yet. Abundance is an attitude.

Use Malachite while you are working through big changes. It will help clear your path and illuminate the steps to your goal.

Malachite’s message: Malachite can stimulate harmonious expressions of love, bringing purification of matters on the material plane, attraction of success, and good fortune.

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