Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap – Season 3, Episode 6: “Dissolution”

Daniel Grayson shows sister Charlotte his tongue
Daniel shows Charlotte his tongue, Graphic: Oliver Peterson/ABC

We had a game-changing episode this week, Revengers. There were some massive developments, so let’s dig in to our Revenge recap of Season 3, Episode 6: “Dissolution!”

It’s a sunny morning in Southampton, and Emily and Daniel are resting in bed following their reconciliation from last episode. Emily gets up and tells Daniel she’s going for a swim. “Watch out for sharks,” her fiance says. “Always,” she sighs, though she nearly jumped one last season. Emily heads to Nolan’s house, which looks ransacked. She panics and rushes to the bathroom, where he’s in the bathtub, unconscious! Actually, he’s just listening to music and has his earbuds in. Emily’s relieved until Nolan tells her that he and Patrick just spent their first night together (must have been one crazy night, given the look of the place). Emily breaks the news that Patrick tried to kill Conrad and killed Father Paul, and Nolan is devastated. He asks her if Pat’s her next takedown; she hasn’t decided yet.

In Montauk, which is experiencing a renaissance thanks to Voulez and Charlotte’s redesign of the Stowaway bar, Jack exposits that baby Carl is staying with Jack’s never-before-seen-or-mentioned grandmother in New Jersey. (Poof! No more baby.) Charlotte then tells Jack what happened with Conrad. Jack calls Emily and tells her that Victoria convinced Charlotte to confess to a crime she didn’t commit.

But Emily has other things on her mind, like exchanging snipes with the Graysons over brunch. “You’re good with a knife,” Emily says to Patrick, who’s blissfully unaware. Victoria sits down and suggests Emily and Daniel take a break, since they’ve been having trouble lately. Emily assures her soon-to-be monster-in-law that they’re better than ever. Conrad enters, bids a pretty mystery woman adieu, and sits down to announce that he’s sold Grayson Manor to a Saudi prince and that the woman, Morgan, is a real estate agent. Victoria is livid, and Emily is concerned, seeing as how they were going to get married at the manse. She offers to buy it, but Conrad says the deal is done.

 What Baby? Revenge Meme

Emily tells Aiden that their plans are ruined if Grayson Manor is sold. After deciding that they can’t take down the real estate agent or the Saudi prince (since they did nothing wrong!), they’re just going to have to take down the house itself. Just when you thought the takedowns couldn’t get more interesting…

Patrick leaves a (third) voicemail for Nolan as he enters Victoria’s gallery. Victoria tells Patrick she wants to put the gallery in his name so that Conrad can’t get to it, then drops the bombshell that she knows he cut Conrad’s brakes. He says he feels terrible for killing Father Paul, but Conrad was being so cruel to Victoria and he couldn’t let it continue. Victoria’s not angry, though; she thanks him! “I love you, mom,” Patrick says as they embrace. Maybe they could sell the gallery and buy the Bates Motel?

Daniel spends the morning shopping with Charlotte; she wants his advice on making the best money decisions for the Stowaway. She has to go across the street for a quick errand and asks him to get the cake at Manello’s Bakery (which is not real) for the bar’s grand reopening. Daniel approaches the counter to pick up the cake and is stunned to see Sara, his ex-girlfriend who ended up paralyzed thanks Daniel’s drunk driving (I totally called this)! Sara, who is working at the bakery to pay for her physical therapy, tells Daniel she read his little blurb in Voulez and thinks he’s a hypocrite. Charlotte enters and witnesses the whole exchange. Back at the bar, Daniel feels terrible that Sara’s medical bills weren’t taken care of by his family. He decides he’s going to head to the city and read the settlement agreement to see if he can help. Charlotte (who was more concerned about the cake than anything else) then calls the bakery and complains about a rude worker there…

Meanwhile, a disguised Emily grabs a red file from the Suffolk County Clerk’s Office and likes what she reads. Hamptons Authenticity Alert: There actually is a Suffolk County Clerk’s Office in Riverhead.

Patrick visits Nolan, who’s upset, at the poolside (which is apparently the only place they’re allowed to have scenes together). Patrick nearly confesses about Conrad, but Nolan stops him and says they should probably stop seeing each other before it gets complicated. Patrick tells Nolan that he wants to be with him, and Emily and Victoria shouldn’t get a vote. The two start making out…

Conrad and Morgan are happy about the sale of the house. Morgan says she’d love to see the rest of the house, such as the master bedroom: “I love a good master,” she purrs. Victoria goes to Aiden and tells him she thinks Conrad and Morgan are trying to hide the profits from the sale of the house. Aiden says he’ll investigate.

Later that evening, Emily calls Daniel and tells him to stay in the city, since the house apparently has a foundation problem. Daniel, who’s going over Sara’s paperwork, is distracted, which Emily is happy about. We then see Aiden, now in a tank top, ready to start doing some… “construction” with a hammer. After smashing a few holes in the wall, Emily and Aiden can’t resist each other and start going at it.

Nolan goes to the Stowaway to hang out with BFF Jack (how is this the first time they’ve talked all season?). Nolan is upset that Emily is screwing up his personal life, mentioning that he thinks Patrick’s the one. Jack snaps and says that Patrick’s a psycho. Nolan realizes Jack knows the truth; Jack realizes Nolan knows the truth. Oh dear.

The next day, Emily meets Morgan while the construction workers dig up her house and tells her that there’s a major foundation issue due to sand erosion on the beach. Had Morgan been reading Dan’s Papers, she’d have already known about this. Just saying.

Jack comes to visit Nolan to return his phone. Jack is upset that Nolan knew about Emily/Amanda all along. Nolan explains that he’s helping Emily for her father’s sake. Jack wonders why they always seem to protect her. Nolan apologizes to Jack for lying, and Jack assures him they’re still friends. Nolan hugs Jack, and sadly understands that Patrick needs to leave the Hamptons — if he finds out that Charlotte knows the truth, she may be in danger.

Speaking of our favorite bitchy debutante, Charlotte goes to Sara and is “surprised” to find out she was fired. Charlotte explains to Sara that Emily wrote the bio in Voulez that mentioned Daniel’s DUI. Sara hates Daniel, but admits her heart still skips a beat when she sees him. Charlotte then hires Sara at the Stowaway!

Aiden calls Victoria home and tells her to go to Conrad, who’s waiting for Morgan (Victoria now refers to her as a “property prostitute”). Morgan shows up, livid that Conrad knew about the beach erosion and didn’t say anything. The sale has fallen through and Morgan is fired, but she promises to tell everyone in New York not to buy Grayson Manor. Victoria is happy and says she doesn’t even care; she’s leaving Grayson Manor to be with Patrick. Aiden overhears this and he and Emily put another plan into action…

Jack arrives at the Manor to talk to Conrad, who’s still upset about the sale. Conrad’s not happy to see him, but Jack says that he’s here about Charlotte — he offers to tell Conrad who really cut the brakes, so long as there’s no bloodshed and that the two issue a ceasefire.

At the Stowaway’s grand reopening, Daniel tells Charlotte how proud he is of her. She then tells him she hired Sara. Daniel manages to get Sara alone, where he says he wants to make things right. Charlotte watches from afar, pleased.

Nolan is cooking for Jack, who’s on his way over for dinner, when he remarks, “The mafia don I did time with gave me his Nona’s lasagna recipe.” LINE OF THE NIGHT. Nolan tells Ems that he told Jack everything. Emily is livid, but Nolan’s resentful for having to be isolated due to her schemes.

In a “Bay Shore dump” (Victoria’s words, not mine), Aiden shows Victoria that Conrad has been hiding the Grayson fortune in gold bars. Victoria fumes and heads back to the Hamptons to yell at Conrad, who tells her he knows Patrick tried to kill him. Victoria pleads with Conrad not to hurt her son. Victoria alerts her son and meets him at the side of the road with a cab. She tells him he’s going to Philadelphia where he’ll be safe. He contests that he loves her and wants to stay for her. “Obey your mother!” she demands. He drives off, and Victoria is devastated

Emily’s happy that their scheme worked, but tells Aiden she feels terrible for what she’s done to Jack and Nolan. She heads over to Nolan’s, where my favorite bromance is enjoying Nona’s lasagna, and apologizes. She admits to Jack and Nolan that she’s had a hard time expressing herself, and promises not to keep secrets from them any longer. Jack asks if that’s all she has to say. Emily responds, “No. I want to tell you about August 8: The day that Victoria Grayson goes down for the murder of Emily Thorne…”

Closing Thoughts: Wow. This was a great episode. Between Charlotte manipulating Sara and Daniel into reconnecting, Patrick fleeing town, Nolan and Jack being friends again and Emily revealing her master plan, it’s safe to say that the show’s officially redeemed itself for last season.

Season Three, Episode 6 Takedown: Grayson Manor.
Best Moment: Jack and Nolan’s friendship renewed.
Worst Moment: Why wasn’t Jack at his own bar’s grand reopening?
Question of the Week: Which Grayson took a part-time job at the Stowaway in season one?

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