Do You Have a Hamptons Accent? Take This Quiz


Long Islanders are recognizable around the country by how they speak—though many residents won’t admit they have a Lawn Guyland accent.

Now a New York Times online quiz can say with certainty what accent you have and what dialect youse guys use.

Using 25 questions—which change with each test taker—the quiz compares how you speak to all regions of the U.S. It narrows your results down to three cities, plus it creates a personalized heat map. So while born-and-bred Long Islanders may be told they talk like residents of New York City, Yonkers and Newark, the heat map should show the Island in deep red.

Some questions are puzzling for Long Islanders. Have you ever heard someone refer to a sunshower  as a “monkey’s wedding” or “the devil’s beating his wife”?

There are Hamptons-specific questions that should really be added to this quiz, such as, What do you call everything on Long Island west of Riverhead? (Answer: Up-island). And for Shelter Islanders, What do you call the North Fork and the South Fork? (Answer: North side and south side.)

The quiz has become so popular that it is overwhelming’s servers. Your results map may not be generated right away, and you may even get an error message. In that case, save the URL, wait a couple minutes, and refresh the page. Your results will show up eventually.

To take the quiz, click here.

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