Hamptons Foodie Bites: Rachael Ray, Le Cirque Scion Looks at Mirko’s

Rachael Ray Joe and Liza's Ice Cream
Rachael Ray would probably love Joe and Liza's Ice Cream!

Mario Maccioni, son of Sirio “Le Cirque” Maccioni, is reportedly in talks to purchase Mirko’s restaurant in Water Mill. Eileen and Mirko Zagar, who have run the popular establishment for 30 years, are retiring, and working on a cookbook of recipes and guest stories. Regular customers included President Bill Clinton, Nathan Lane, Susan Lucci, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Henry Kravitz, Lloyd Blankfein and more.

Songstress Sue Vinski and impresario Michael Howell had lunch at Pierre’s in Bridgehampton on Saturday. It sounded like a cabaret act is in the works…

Southampton foodie Rachael Ray is hosting the Great American Cookbook Competition, in which aspiring cookbook authors can compete to win a publishing deal with Rachael Ray Books, a culinary trip to Mexico, GE appliances, a feature on Ray’s daytime talk show and more. The winner will be announced in May. The deadline for entries is Jan. 14. Ray’s newest cookbook, Week in a Day: Five Dishes, One Day, is on shelves now. The book, which shares its name with Ray’s popular cooking show, features weekly recipe themes, such as “From a Taco to Morocco,” “A Chicken in Every Pot,” and “Stew on This,” allowing readers’ taste buds to travel the world!” Dishes include Chicken and Chorizo Spanish Enchiladas, Argentine Chili with Chimichurri, and Zinfully Delicious Short Ribs, among many others.

Dan’s Papers reviewer Dan Koontz says the “hottest,” new flavor of Joe & Liza’s Ice Cream is Crème Fraîche! Joe & Liza’s won Dan’s Best of the Best ice cream on the South Fork in 2013.

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