Winter Beauty Tips for Skin, Hair and Nails

winter beauty

Keeping your skin, hair and nails looking lovely all winter long requires just an ounce of your time but a double dose of moisture. It’s crucial to get outdoors for your daily Vitamin D, but with all the blustery wind and dropping temperatures, it’s important to protect yourself from the elements’ ravaging effects. Indoor heat can be very drying, too, so even if most of your winter hours are spent at the office, take heed and follow these simple tips.

The epidermis is affected by both internal and external factors, so to put your best face forward you’ve got to drink lots of water and eat nourishing foods. Popular dermatologist and author Dr. Nicholas Perricone’s “super” ingredients include Omega-3–rich wild salmon and eggs, antioxidant-rich dark leafy greens and berries, extra virgin olive oil, green tea, nuts and seeds, apples and pears, oatmeal, cinnamon, chickpeas, green tea and turmeric. Stress is also a factor, so be sure to breathe throughout the day and find healthy ways of unwinding—whether it’s yoga, a long walk or even cozying up with a cup of tea and Dan’s Papers. Amp up the hydration in your wintertime skincare regimen by switching to gentler products—if you’re using a gel moisturizer, you may want to switch to a richer creme, especially apres-ski or after a walk at Cooper’s Beach (the Southampton equivalent). If you have very dry or irritable skin, try a milky, soap-free cleanser like Calming Cleanse from AyurMedic. It reduces inflammation, protects against environmental damage and even contains Copper Peptide for tissue repair. Browse the full line of advanced skincare AyurMedic products at and pick up yours at Geomare Wellness Center, 80 White Street in Southampton.

Winter is also a fun time to indulge in hydrating masks. A new favorite is the Manuka Doctor Purified Bee Venom Rejuvenating Face Mask. The Manuka Honey helps boost moisture and elastin while Royal Jelly and shea butter restore softness. It can also be used as a leave-on moisturizer for when your skin is particularly in need. It’s available online at Dr. Hauschka makes some very nice soothing masks—all available at Second Nature Markets in both Southampton and East Hampton and at Wild by Nature in Hampton Bays. For the most extreme conditions, you’ll love Radical Skincare’s Anti-Aging Replenishing Extreme Moisture. Cutting-edge ingredients form a second skin barrier against the elements. Find it at Space.NK.apothecary,

Don’t forget that delicate eye area! Be sure to use a gentle eye-makeup remover, like Sisley Gentle Eye and Lip Make Up Remover, which you can order online; or Almay, which you can find right at CVS or Rite Aid. A great new product is Ionzyme C-Quence Eye Gel, which is full of Vitamin A, C, E, and a host of polypeptides proven to reduce fine lines. Available at Lastly, be sure to wear sunglasses—they’re not just for summer!

Protect those tresses from split ends this winter (brought on by scarves, wind, cold and that pesky, drying heater) by using a deep conditioning mask a few times a week, avoiding elastic bands and scheduling regular trims. If you have long hair, put it in a braid to protect it from flying in the wind. If you can handle it, try not to shampoo every day. When you do wash your hair, be sure you’re using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner.

Last but not least, take care of your hands and nails this winter by wearing gloves, moisturizing and using very gentle soap. With the influx of winter germs, you’ll want to wash your hands plenty, but using harsh antibacterial soaps can be disastrous. Keep them looking healthy and youthful with something like Kiss My Face Hand Soap Moisturizing Fragrance Free, which combines olive oil and aloe. Then slather on a nice, rich hand crème like Aveeno Intense Relief, which you can find just about anywhere. Before bed, dab a little Mario Badescu Cuticle Crème on your fingers and toes. Stave off winter blues and get festive with bright, fun nail polish colors—perfect for all your holiday soirees!

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