10 Musings on Winter in the Hamptons

Keep Fit Sunset Snow Beach
Winter sunset at Coopers Beach, Southampton, Photo: Kelly Laffey

This year, I’ve made all of my typical, passive resolutions to be more organized, more productive, etc. But I’ve decided to make two concrete ones as well. One, I’ll make my bed every day. And two, I’ll stop hating January and February.

That’s luckily becoming easier, as new events seem to be popping up during the off season out here. I missed Nancy Altas’s inaugural Fireside Session last week, but I’m planning on spending this Friday in Sag Harbor. Also coming up is the first-ever Hamptons Wellness Week. Hosted by One Healthy Hamptons, the event begins on January 12 and consists of $5 fitness classes at more than 15 studios between Montauk and Westhampton, as well as various lectures.

Reminiscing about the past is slightly less productive than resolving to be better in the future, but after a solid two weeks of holiday relaxation, I’m in more of a reflective mood.

I’m sure fans of social media have noticed the #tbt trend that often accompanies Thursday posts. Throwback Thursday. Though the hashtag is more of a project for photogs than wordsmiths, here are 10 #tbts I’d like to share anyway:

1. Snow on the beach this past week. Friday brought balmy temps of 9 degrees, but I was able to muster up enough energy to dig my little VW bug out of the driveway and make my way to Coopers Beach. Snow-blasted dunes turn a rosy shade of pink as the sun sets.

2. Happy last-month birthday to East Ender Jimmy Buffett, who turned 67 on Christmas Day. When’s he going to give another surprise concert at the Talkhouse?

3. Baseball. Nothing significant happened in the world of the Mets this past week, but I spent considerable time hanging out with my family, dreaming about what 2014 could hold. In typical Mets fashion, the organization has yet to announce the date their pitchers and catchers will report. But they’ll have to show up at some point. And then baseball season will be here.

4. Wake Forest beat UNC on Sunday for the first time since 2010. Epic.

5. I’ve started training for my half marathon in Central Park on February 23. I’m crossing my fingers that the city won’t be encapsulated in a “Polar Vortex” that morning.

6. The idea of the New York Islanders. Hockey season is in full force, and this is the last year that the Isles will play… on the Island. I haven’t been to a game yet this season, but there’s nothing like the excitement of live hockey. Plus, this is the only venue I’ve been to where the line for the lady’s bathroom is significantly shorter than the men’s. Score!

7. Hummus. I’ve recently started buying the family size, which I’ve just realized exists. I could go through the entire tub in one sitting.

8. The brunch I made this weekend. Cut an avocado in half lengthwise and put it in a pan with a little bit of olive oil. In a separate pan, fry an egg. Place the cooked egg into the center of the avocado, sprinkle on a few tomatoes and voilà! A homemade, designer brunch.

9. There was a time not so long ago that I was excited for Moe’s Mondays with its $5 burritos all day. But I’ve since become a La Hacienda convert. The ingredients are fresher, the burritos larger, the experience just better.

10. Dunkin Donuts’ has .99-cent iced coffee all month. Luckily, my addiction to iced coffee is not dependent on the weather. Stay warm!

Tell us what you love about winter in the Hamptons below!

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