Shop ’til You Drop: Products to Keep Warm This Winter

With the excitement of the holidays gradually slowing down, I thought I’d start off by taking a deep breath. As I was slowly exhaling, my sunglasses fogged up. Yup, it’s that time of year. We’re entering the season on the East End where many decide to head south. For those of us who brave it through the winter, myself included, I’ve gathered up some tips on staying warm as temperatures drop.

To start with, nothing works better for me than going outside for a brisk walk. By the time you get back home, you can jump in the shower and follow with a good slathering of Dr. Hauschka Birch Arnica Body Oil. Specially formulated to revitalize after physical activity, the body oil gives all-around soothing warmth to the muscles and has a wonderful fragrance of energizing mint and lemon. The all-natural base of organic sunflower seed oil is lightweight, quickly absorbed and replenishes moisture. For an additional indulgence, give yourself a quick foot massage with the Rosemary Foot Balm and then slip on some cozy socks. The rosemary warms and invigorates the skin while silk powder and clay absorb and control moisture—keeping your feet soft, toasty and dry. Find these great winter warmers and the full line of Dr. Hauschka products online at or stop in to Second Nature Markets at either 70 Main Street in Southampton or at 41 Newtown Lane in East Hampton. Call 631-283-8117 or 631-324-5257.

Dr. Haushcka Birch Arnica Body Oil
Dr. Hauschka Birch Arnica Body Oil

It’s no secret that cold-weather countries love their vodka, so when all else fails to warm you up, gather your pals and try a top-shelf vodka like Marquis. When it comes to drinking it straight, mediocre vodka just won’t do. Premium, well-filtered vodka is what’s called for. One such vodka, which is new to the New York metro market but has been produced in Poland since 1895, is Marquis Vodka. Marquis has a nice bite without burning the palate. Be sure to take a whiff before drinking; the aroma is inviting rather than medicinal. Marquis farms its own rye in-house and produces its vodka at a small artisan distillery near Warsaw. Rather than industrial stills used for making many vodkas—the same kind of stills for manufacturing ethanol—Marquis is distilled in a century-old copper still. It is charcoal filtered four times before being cut with 60 percent water from Marquis’ own limestone aquifer. The vodka comes in a tall, thin, attractive bottle. The glass is frosted in black, giving the illusion that there is a dark liquid inside. It makes for a striking and memorable hostess gift, or a statement piece for a liquor cabinet. Stop by your local liquor store or go online to

Marquis Vodka
Marquis Vodka

One way or another, odds are good that you’ll be spending a large part of the day indoors. Keep things interesting at home by diversifying your usual groceries and going on little taste-adventures. The good folks at Iberia sent me a bottle of their Premium Select 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain with a challenge: “taste for yourself—we think Spanish olive oil is as good as Italian.” I agree. In fact, I didn’t even know there was a question. The Spanish have been pressing the golden elixir for centuries, right?

Winter is also a good time to play with new makeup and beauty products. Why? Well, the heat won’t be melting it off and the dryness takes well to added moisture. I recently tried Intellishade SPF 45 Matte touted as a “breakthrough in pore-minimizing technology.” Right on. It’s light and moisturizing and does indeed “match every skin tone,” well it matched mine just fine.

Intellishade SPF 45 Matte
Intellishade SPF 45 Matte

Avid Shop ’til readers may know I’m a bit of a health-nut-beauty junkie. My latest find is quite revolutionary, so listen up. L’dara Advanced Anti-Aging Serum is free of parabens, mineral oils, phthalates or synthetic colors or fragrance and it really delivers. The breakthrough ingredients include a special complex derived from the magical goji berry. L’dara Serum helps reduce the visible effects of sun damage, boosts elasticity and retains moisture. It goes on clear and smooth and is completely non-irritating, even for my sensitive skin. Find yours at

L'dara Serum
L’dara Serum

The monthly First Friday Shop Hop takes place this Friday, January 10, from 6 to 8 p.m. Look for the sign in windows and shop in support of your community. Participants include Bean 2 Tween, Besim’s Fine Cigars, Flying Point, Jill Lynn, Sea Green Designs, Sunrise to Sunset and more. Bring your receipt for deals at Fellingham’s and Publick House. For details, visit or call 631-283-0402.

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