Real Estate Roundtable: What Tech Trends Should Sellers Implement?

Real Estate technology
Today, real estate and technology go hand in hand, Photo: Yutaka Tsutano (altered by Oliver P)

The internet has become the starting point for most consumers in search of everything from books to boats and beyond. With technology at the forefront of real estate as well, the Dan’s Papers Hamptons Real Estate Roundtable answers the question:

What technological trends, such as video, should sellers be implementing these days?

“Internet, internet, internet. Most buyers today start their search for a new home with the internet. Any visual information you can provide the buyer will separate you from the competition. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a YouTube video is cash in the bank. Remember, there is “a hat for every head.” You just have to find the buyer with the right head size.”—Alan Schnurman, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, Saunders & Associates

“Video is definitely becoming more popular, but keep them short—time is precious for these buyers. It is a great way for buyers to imagine themselves in the home.”—Maz Crotty, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, Nest Seekers

“Virtual staging is hot. It permits buyers to picture the bones of a house with the interior that tickles their imagination without having to intuitively have such a vision.”—Andrew M. Lieb, Esq., MPH, Lieb at Law, P.C.

“I’m fortunate to affiliate with Douglas Elliman. (President and CEO) Dottie Herman has spent millions of dollars redoing our website and making us user-friendly. We get over 2 million hits a month. Plus, we have automatic feeds into numerous websites such as:,,,, etcetera. I think it’s important with all the competition to have every technical advantage you can have with the biggest reach. Douglas Elliman Real Estate is the forth largest real estate company nationally and the largest in the Tri-State Area.”—Lynn November, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, Douglas Elliman Real Estate

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