Top 5 Predictions for the Second Half of Revenge Season 3

Revenge Predictions
Lee looks into his Revenge crystal ball... Graphic: Oliver Peterson

Revenge returns in March (with a new 10 p.m. time slot!) for the second half of its third season. Fans of the show know Revenge likes plot twists and making things unpredictable, but let’s face it — I called Sara’s appearance on the show, Lydia’s return, Patrick cutting Conrad’s brakes AND Niko being Takeda’s daughter (not bad, right?). So here are my five predictions for the latter half of Revenge, Season 3 (and no, I don’t have access to spoilers, so this is PURE speculation).

1) Patrick turns on Victoria, reconciles with Nolan and gets killed (or almost killed). Patrick (played by the talented Justin Hartley) has quickly become a fan favorite since his debut in the Season 3 premiere, and his tumultuous relationship with Nolan has been extremely popular, as can be seen in our Revenge Couples Poll. My guess: Patrick realizes all the cruel, egregious things his Mommie Dearest has done, apologizes for conking Nolan on the head, and does something selfless at the end of the season that will result in him being put in grave danger.

2) Niko tries to kill Aiden with Takeda’s katana but ends up committing accidental seppuku. Is there really any other way for this story to end? We all know the writers love Aiden, so it’s not as if Niko is going to kill him. My hunch: Niko tries to exact revenge using her father’s katana (which Aiden used to kill him) and Emily bursts in at the last second, saving Aiden, but causing Niko to accidentally stab herself.

3) Margaux discovers the truth about Flight 197 and that Emily is really Amanda Clarke. Margaux has proven (so far) that she’s one of the good guys, and thanks to her magazine, she has the power to help bring down the Graysons. Since Karine Vanasse will be sticking around next season, I’m thinking Emily gains a major ally by the end of Season 3 as Margaux plans to expose the Graysons’ involvement in the crash for which David Clarke was blamed. Then again, learning the truth about Emily could also make Margaux feel threatened in her relationship with Jack, so who knows how she’ll use the information?

4) Conrad finally gets his comeuppance. Since Ems was targeting Conrad at the beginning of the Season 3 (Huntington’s disease, anyone?) and since we know that while he was the mastermind behind the Initiative, Victoria is the true antagonist, I’m guessing that Emily finally manages to take Conrad down, exposing him for one or more of the following: the crash of Flight 197, the bombing at Grayson Global that killed Declan, conspiring with the Ryan brothers and being indirectly responsible for Fauxmanda’s death. Maybe he even learns the truth about Emily, but doesn’t get to tell anyone because he’s carted off to jail!

5) Emily and Jack succumb to their mutual love and passionately reunite. It’s a moment the show’s been building toward the entire series: when Emily and Jack finally reunite. I know that many people like Emily with Aiden, but we see how she looks at Jack and how he can’t stay away from her. Imagine if, in the season finale, the two make mad, passionate love on the beach and are secretly spied by Aiden and Margaux, leaving the two to declare their own revenge for Season 4…

What are your predictions for the remainder of Season 3? Let us know in the comments below.

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