Getting Pampered at Paul Izak Salon & Spa

Paul Izak Salon & Spa in Mattituck
Paul Izak Salon & Spa in Mattituck, Photo: G. Horsbaugh

Posh, professional, perfection—three words I’d use to describe the Paul Izak Salon & Spa in Mattituck. Walking into Paul Izak, I was struck by how gorgeous the décor was, with bold colors, large mirrors adorning the walls, makeup and hair stations—all things that make a woman shiver with excitement. I love the smells of a salon, all those beauty products mixing together—it’s quite intoxicating.

After filling out an informational form, I met the owner of the salon, Ladan, who wears many hats—cosmetologist, beautician, esthetician—to name a few. After spending a few minutes with Ladan, I could tell this woman loved her work. She has an easy, confident way in which she holds herself, giving off a vibe of expertise that’s very soothing. Putting myself in her capable hands felt good.

Since I’d be receiving a facial treatment, Ladan led me into one of the rooms in the back. The counter held an array of Guinot products, which I learned is a high-end company based in Paris, a leader in its field that produces skincare products used by exclusive salons across the world. Ladan explained that she and her staff attend training twice a year to stay on the cutting edge of skincare techniques and products to better serve their clientele.

Ladan left the room so I could prepare for my facial, which entailed disrobing and slipping between the heated covers of the bed. I relaxed for a few minutes, closed my eyes, and let the ambiance of the room and the soft music calm my senses. When Ladan returned, I was prepared to be pampered.

What ensued was an hour-and-a-half of bliss. I’ve gotten facials before this one, but none came close to Ladan’s treatment. I lost count how many creams, scrubs, oils and masks she used. Each one had a unique scent, some would make my skin tingle, others made me feel warm and made my skin seem like it was melting. She also used some tools of the trade I had never experienced before. The first was a motorized brush that’s used to scrub away layers of dead skin. It feels refreshing, leaving behind skin that’s free of dirt and bacteria. She also performed a high-frequency treatment which uses electrical currents to kill any bacteria hiding under the surface of the skin. The feeling was similar to being tickled with a feather, with warmth penetrating deep into my pores.

With her magical fingers working on my face, Ladan’s ministrations had me nearly asleep. The “figure eights” she drew on my face with her fingers were light and soothing. It was everything I could ask for in a facial treatment. Her actions were methodical, proof that she has been at this for a while—the salon will soon celebrate its 10th year in business.

Next up was my hair consultation, cut and styling. It’s been awhile since I’ve consulted with a professional stylist on my hair, which I like to keep long with various stages of layers throughout. This is the part where Ladan turns into a therapist of sorts. She asked me about my hair care routine, about my job and lifestyle and how much time I spend on my hair each day. She took all of these things into consideration as she touched and fussed with my hair. Then explained her thoughts on my hairstyle and gave me options that would look great, complement my face and lifestyle.

The result was undeniably me. Ladan kept my hair long (she could tell it was my security blanket) and added more layers to give my hair volume and texture. She gave me these cute, wispy, modern looking bangs that I just love. I appreciate the fact that she took the time to get to know me before she cut my hair. I think it’s so important to trust the person you let near your hair with scissors! If you’ve been looking for an experienced, caring and talented stylist, make an appointment with Ladan at Paul Izak—I’m sure you will fall in love with her work, just as I did.

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day present? A gift certificate from Paul Izak is just the thing for the one you love. Paul Izak Salon & Spa at 55 Route 48, Suite 7 in Mattituck offers a full range of salon & spa services. 

Paul Izak Salon & Spa owner Shalom Murray
Paul Izak Salon & Spa owner Ladan Shalom-Murray, Photo: G. Horsburgh

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