Could Someone in the Hamptons Give a Brother a God Bless You?

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The advancement of our modern society has created a scenario by which the general concern for the health and welfare of our neighbors is almost non-existent. And I was shocked to find out that this condition is no more prevalent anywhere than in the Hamptons.

Have you had the flu this winter? Have you left the house while you were still sick? Have you had to sneeze in public? Did anyone say, “God bless you?”

As usual, the winter flu season has wreaked havoc on Hamptons residents. And I was not spared. But that did not stop me from doing the many things I have to do in the course of a week.

I ended up going to the dry cleaners, pharmacy, bank, grocery store and even my physician’s office. At each place I clearly demonstrated my illness via a succession of God-awful sneezes. And guess what? Out of the estimated 20 people who observed me sneezing, only two offered any kind of response. To add insult to injury, my own doctor said, “Don’t get near me, I don’t want to get what you’ve got”.

It is widely believed that when God made man he breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. So when you hear someone sneezing, it’s a sign that they are expelling life from their body. That certainly deserves a God Bless You.

According to the National God Bless You Institute (NGBYI), the God Bless You Rate (GBYR) in cities with elevated socio-economic characteristics is typically 80 percent or higher. My recent experience reflected only a 10 percent GBYR. How sad is that?

Maybe I’m being hypersensitive? Perhaps the other 18 people I came in contact with were atheists. It does make sense that an atheist would not offer up a GBY.

Perhaps the majority of people in the Hamptons are atheists. Wait a minute…that might be worse than just being downright rude!

Note: Despite the lack of concern from the people of the Hamptons, Mr. Sneiv did survive the flu and is back in excellent health.

Thank God.

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