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For the first time in my 25-year-old life, I’m going to be a bridesmaid. The honor will be bestowed upon me twice in the coming months. But, as both weddings are out-of-state, my duties are a bit modified from the typical lady-in-waiting. And in both cases, the brides-to-be have sent out various emails with wedding details. The first order of business, before I even book a flight: Hair.

The day-of-wedding look is apparently important enough to warrant an informational email about what salon we’ll all be going to—in three months. If the weddings were on the East End, Scarlett Rose Salon would have the solutions to those bridal needs, offering an array of hair and salon services, including the all-important trial run.

Not being the bride, however, I recently got to—selfishly, ha!—experience Scarlett Rose without all the pressure of planning an event for 100-plus guests. Scarlett Rose Salon is on Division Street in what looks like a typical, historic Sag Harbor home. This is appropriate, considering that owner Annie Kim treats each of her clients like family and the salon is named for Annie’s daughter.

After our greeting, Annie offered me a drink—tea, coffee or water—before showing me to the manicure/pedicure room.

Annie revealed that she recently renovated the salon’s interior, creating a bright, airy space with hair care in the front and nail care in the back. When the business was revamped, Scarlett Rose became an Aveda Salon. Annie takes pride in the salon’s affiliation, especially because being an Aveda salon comes with the added perk of continuing education. The expert staff at Scarlett Rose is constantly honing their skills to keep up with the latest hair and salon trends.

I started my experience with a pedicure. Hoping to bring on spring weather with a nice, bright color, I went with a soft orangey-peach, straight from the resort line. Pedicurist Consuelo Sanchez was very diligent in her work, somehow making my feet baby soft before expertly applying the polish. The experience is enhanced by the massage chair, which you control.

My toenails dried during the manicure, which was completed with a memorable hand massage. For those of you who spend the day typing away, there’s nothing like giving your hands a little

Next, it was time for a blowout. I’ve always considered myself lucky that my hair grows quickly, except, of course, when its style all-too-quickly morphs into, well, no style. It becomes a flat mess, with a slightly shorter chunk in the front that used to be a chic side bang.

It’s amazing what someone who knows what they’re doing with a blow dryer can do to my unruly mop. The experience started with a wash, using Aveda products, and another great massage, this one for my head.

Annie next directed me to her chair, where she conducted a consultation about how I wear my hair. My hair was transformed over the next 20 minutes. I left the salon feeling like I had a trim, highlights and a blowout. But no, it was just the work of someone skilled with a blow dryer. Tip: for people whose roots are starting to show, make your part more zigzagged to distract from the darker color.

I left Scarlett Rose ready to recommend it to any bride-to-be. As for me, I felt fully reinvigorated and prepared to conquer my bridesmaidly duties.

Visit Scarlett Rose at 80A Division Street, Sag Harbor. For more information and a menu of services offered, call 631-899-4949 or visit

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