East Hampton Village Launches Noise Complaint Hotline

Leaf blowing
Credit: AdrianHillman/iStock/Thinkstock

For those who want to make noise about the ongoing cacophony of construction in East Hampton Village, a sounding board is now in place.

East Hampton Village has established [email protected] and the toll-free number 844-324-0777 as a means for residents—who take issue with noise generated from commercial construction or landscape activity, including leaf blowers—to lodge their complaints.

The hotlines are an attempt to mitigate residents’ concerns regarding construction that have come before the East Hampton Village Board over the past few months. After several board meetings, the village decided to place limits on the hours in which construction may be going on. The board also banned radios from worksites. However, the village conceded on some issues after landscapers and contractors voiced their concerns.

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