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Jimmy Fallon Sings Roadhouse Blues at The Montauket

Sagaponack’s Jimmy Fallon was spotted doing his best Jim Morrison impersonation at The Montauket on Saturday with the East End Rock & Roll All Stars (EERAS) as part of the 5th Annual Montauk Music Festival.

Fallon, who is no stranger to impromptu musical performances, jumped in to play The Doors’ classic, “Roadhouse Blues” with EERRAS (formerly The Blue Collar Band). Just short of one year ago, filmed the Tonight Show host—who hosted Late Night at the time—singing a raucous version of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” with fellow revelers at Old Stove Pub in Wainscott. Watch it here.

The Montauk Music Festival, which has been running since May 14, features local musical talent from all genres and styles. The local East End Rock & Roll All Stars have been together for years, playing local bars and events.

Fallon has covered classic rock seriously and satirically, both on and off of his television shows. Whether it is a Bob Dylan-like cover of “Charles in Charge” or a Springsteen-inspired “Whip My Hair,” he knows how to rock the house. Watch the video by John Peiser below to see Fallon rocking with EERRAS.

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