Superstitious Couples Should Consider a December Wedding

Consider 12-13-14 for your Hamptons wedding!
Consider 12-13-14 for your Hamptons wedding! Photo: Tobiah Tayo/iStock/Thinkstock

Are you getting married at one of the many amazing Hamptons wedding venues this spring or summer? Already have a date picked out and the event planned? Stop reading.

Getting married is a serious thing. It involves considerable forethought. And the planning that goes into a successful wedding, especially on the East End, where it will undoubtedly be measured against other weddings, can be all consuming.

When is the best time to get married? Ask any man and he will tell you that any day is good, so long as it does not conflict with the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Championship or Stanley Cup.

Seriously…if you are planning on getting married sometime in 2014 or early 2015 and haven’t booked the date yet, you might want to do some research first. This is because one date in 2014 stands out among the rest — 12/13/14 represents the last time this century that the numbers of the month, day and year will be consecutive. And the date is a Saturday!

There are many benefits to reserving this date for your Hamptons wedding now. First, if you are superstitious, like many of us, it may bring good blessings to your marriage. Second, it’s an easy date to remember, unlike 6/18/14, which is easy to forge — even the slowest of husbands should have no problem remembering 12/13/14. Finally, research shows that people married on consecutive dates actually have a lower rate of divorce than those who marry on non-consecutive dates.

For instance, you will be shocked to learn that 99.5 percent of people who married the last time consecutive dates occurred are still married today. If that isn’t proof, what is?

As a side note, while this is the last time consecutive dates will occur this century, the last time it occurred was just last year, on 11/12/13. Perhaps we should give it a bit more time before we can state with absolute certainty that those married on consecutive dates have a better chance of staying married. Look for the followup article in 2044.

P.S. As an additional side note (with a postscript), since December is not typically an active month for weddings, it should be easier to book vendors who might otherwise be busy, and it also might be an opportunity to negotiate better rates.

Has anyone had a December wedding in the Hamptons? Tell us all about it in a comment below!

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