Hampton Sun Founder, Dermatologist Talk Protecting Skin

Examples of the Hampton Sun line of products.
Examples of the Hampton Sun line of products.

Protecting your skin with sunscreen is a year-round must.

The aging UVA rays are just as strong in the dead of winter as they are in the summer. As the temperatures rise, however, it becomes all the more imperative to protect yourself as you stay outside longer and wear less clothing. With so many products lining beauty counters it’s hard to know which ones to trust. One brand to emerge as an across-the-board winner is a local favorite, Hampton Sun.

We spoke with Hampton Sun President and Southampton native Salvatore Piazzolla and highly regarded New York City-based dermatologist Dr. Lance H. Brown—who considers Hampton Sun to offer the maximum UVA and UVB protection—to find out more about this line of luxury products.

With so many sunscreen options, what sets Hampton Sun apart?

Salvatore Piazzolla: Hampton Sun sets itself apart with its unique formulas of natural ingredients, high-powered SPF protectants, and moisturizers. We invest in technology like the use of tear-free and wet/dry application ingredients, and Polycrylene—an FDA-approved UV filter that boosts the water resistance of the product and increases the UVA barrier of the product.

Can you tell us about your latest products?

SP: Our brand is constantly evolving and expanding. This year, we’re excited to announce the launches of two fabulous products: SPF 45 all Natural Tear-Free Sunscreen formulated especially for babies, and the glamorous new commitment-free
Airbrush Bronzing Mist.

What are your perennial bestsellers?

SP: Favorites include the SPF 35 Luxe Sport Continuous Mist, SPF 4 Sun Tanning Oil, and Hydrating Aloe Mist. Another go to favorite is our signature scent, Privet Bloom.

Why is it important that people wear SPF year-round?

Dr. Lance H. Brown: You’re exposed to sun 365 days per year and you need to protect yourself all year round to reduce your lifetime total sun exposure. One does not have to be sunbathing to receive a damaging dose of the sun’s rays. Up to 40% of the sun’s UV rays reach the earth on a cloudy day.

What is it about Hampton Sun that you find particularly appealing?

LB: They include several technical advancements attributed to Polycrylene, a unique and novel ingredient that helps
enhance SPF strength and improve water-resistance, while meeting the current FDA sunscreen requirement. The sun’s rays are powerful enough to compromise many sunscreens’ active ingredients, causing them to quickly lose efficacy. Polycrylene is a photostabilizer that allows Hampton Sun to maintain maximum UVA and UVB protection. As a dermatologic surgeon, every day I counsel patients on the medical and anti-aging benefits associated with protecting one’s skin from the sun. I recommend this product for its broad-spectrum strength, supple feel on the skin and ease of application, which encourages regular use.

What are some areas that are commonly forgotten when people apply sun protection?

LB: Lips, ears, back of the neck, scalp, hands, and feet.

How should sunscreen be applied if someone is also layering on other skincare products? First or last? 

LB: There is debate over this answer—I recommend that sunscreen be applied under other skincare products. Applying the sunscreen first is thought to be the best as there is some concern that other products may dilute the sunscreen as it inhibits it from making direct contact with skin. If you must apply other products in addition to sunscreen, it is best to use makeup and moisturizer that include sunscreen as well.

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