‘Orange Is the New Black’ Premiere Features Downtown Riverhead

Jodie Foster directs "Orange Is the New Black" in Riverhead.
Jodie Foster directs "Orange Is the New Black" in Riverhead. Photo credit: Nicholas Chowske

The Netflix original series Orange Is the New Black had its second season premiere on Friday—in fact, the entire season was released to Netflix subscribers that day—and Riverhead was right at the forefront.

In the first episode of the 13-episode season, a flashback scene set in 1993 takes place outside Suffolk Theater, with the marquee in full view. Young Piper—the series’protagonist—and a friend are planning to see an R-rated film, namely, Dazed and Confused, when Piper spots something very unsettling.

The street was lined with late ’80s and early ’90s cars and the theater was just called “The Suffolk.”

Locals were cast as extras in the scene, which was directed by Jodie Foster.

Rather than the Litchfield prison where the first season took place, this second season premiere was set at a prison in Chicago—though the interiors were actually filmed at a Riverhead correctional facility with stars Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon.

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