Radio Shucks

Radio Shack in Southampton Village.

The Town of East Hampton is laboring hard to come up with a law that would prevent “formula” stores from cluttering up the landscape.

The last thing they want is chain stores like Radio Shack, Burger King, KFC and Staples on historic Main Street.

Such stores are in every historic Main Street in the country.  Every place is like everyplace else. You look up and there’s a Ben & Jerry’s.

As the lawyers do their work, I suggest they take heed of an obvious workaround. Stores could be wolves in sheep’s clothing. A 7-Eleven comes in, but 7-Eleven calls it 8-Eleven so that’s okay.

I predict in five years, East Hampton has a Radio Shucks, a Captain Bub’s Bonac Fried Chicken, a Roy Rogets, a Woolmart, a Home Dupot and a Bun and Jerry’s.

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