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Southampton Town Police Report Uptick in Phone Scams

Southampton Town police are warning of a recent increase in attempted phone scams.

Phone scams take place when a caller attempts to fraudulently obtain money from an individual, sometimes by impersonating a government agency or utility company. The police department urges residents who suspect they are being scammed to advise the caller they are notifying police and to hang up the phone.

According to Southampton police, scammers can sometimes be aggressive on the phone. Residents should keep in mind, however, that no government agency will ever ask someone to pay a fine using a Western Union transfer, Money Gram or Green Dot MoneyPak.

Three common types of phone scams include: a caller who claims a friend or relative of the person being called is in trouble and needs money to get out of jail; a person who claims to be an IRS agent or police officer calling about past debts that need to be paid before the individual is arrested; and someone claiming to be a police officer or a warrant officer who has obtained an arrest warrant for the person being called because he or she failed to report for jury duty.

Residents who receive a call from a possible scammer are urged to report the incident to the Southampton Town Police Department. Citizens should also remember to never wire money, provide debit, credit card, or Green Dot MoneyPak numbers, or give out personal financial information to anyone who emails or calls them unsolicited.

Southampton Town residents wishing to report a possible scam may call police at 631-728-5000 or email

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