Vanilla Ice Hosts Hella Fresh ’90s Party at The Sloppy Tuna in Montauk

Vanilla Ice at the Sloppy Tuna
Vanilla Ice is hosting a '90s party at the Sloppy Tuna

Infamous 1990s hip hop sensation Vanilla Ice (aka Robert Van Winkle) is hosting the ultimate Throwback Thursday, #TBT, party at The Sloppy Tuna in Montauk on July 3 this week.

The all-day event celebrates the premiere of the National Geographic Channel’s miniseries event, The ’90s: The Last Great Decade?, narrated by Rob Lowe and airing July 6-8 at 9 p.m.

Partiers should expect a trip back in time to the decade when 90210 was Beverly Hills 90210, when Friends ruled NBC’s “Must-See TV” and people still used payphones—or at least knew what they were.

Anyone attending the East End’s greatest Gen-X event is encouraged to come in costume, whether it’s Z. Cavariccis and Capezios, a la A.C. Slater, or ripped jeans and a plaid flannel, like so many grunge icons, or a “Rachel” haircut—everything from the era is welcome! Prizes will be handed out to the most stylin’ of the bunch.

The Sloppy Tuna will blast nonstop ‘90s music and run games of life-sized Jenga, Gameboy-shaped ice luge and themed photo booth, along with ’90s giveaways and raffle prizes, including N64, Furbys and Super-Soakers.

The event will also feature a VIP meet and greet with Vanilla Ice and a live party set by DJ Rob Vee.

As part of its 1990s-themed marketing blitz, NatGeo has also joined forces with Hamptons Free Ride, which provides free shuttle rides to summer beachgoers in East Hampton and Southampton townships. Each of the four cars will be outfitted with ’90s wraps and a video iPad inside to play content from the miniseries event. The special themed cars have been operating since Monday, June 16 and they will continue through Wednesday, July 9.

Hamptons Freeride's 1990s-themed NatGeo car
Hamptons Freeride’s 1990s-themed NatGeo car, Photo Courtesy NatGeo

The ’90s: The Last Great Decade? chronicles through interviews and vintage footage the 10 years between the Cold War and the War on Terror. It was a decade of highs and lows: Before he was a Hamptonite, Bill Clinton swept into office on the promise of change; we all made new “Friends;” the LA Riots kept us glued to our TVs; the music industry gave us something—Nirvana, Tupac the Macarena—for everyone; and The Real World and Jerry Springer changed the television programming landscape.

The era of “extreme!” and 56k modems, and the twilight of encyclopedias, landlines and reading maps—before “twilight” had anything to do with vampires—will be brought to life through more than 120 original interviews, including major entertainers Jason AlexanderRoseanne BarrArsenio Hall, Vanilla Ice, Courtney LoveMatthew PerrySusan Sarandon and Martin Sheen; newsmakers including Tony BlairPaula CoughlinChristopher DardenNewt GingrichRudy GiulianiMonica Lewinsky and Colin Powell; and intellectuals, including Kurt Anderson, Grayson Carter, Connie ChungThomas Friedman, Dan RatherDavid Sirota and Brian Williams. Over three nights, The ’90s: The Last Great Decade? will explore the decade’s most unpredictable, unforgettable and unbelievable moments.

Watch Vanilla Ice share a few interesting facts from his The ’90s: The Last Great Decade? outtakes reel below!

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