$150,000 in State Funding Aims to Eradicate Tick-Borne Diseases

Protect yourself from tick-borne illness. Goldfinch4ever/iStock/Thinkstock

In the latest efforts to eradicate Lyme and tick-borne diseases on the East End, Senator Ken LaValle announced $150,000 in state funding allocated to prevention programs in Shelter Island and North Haven.

LaValle is also co-chair of the NY Senate Coalition Task Force on Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases. In June, the task force reported on their goals of improving prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

LaValle said he looks forward to the development of these goals in Shelter Island and North Haven.

“I am hopeful that these two pilot programs will be successful,” he said. “I look forward to working with the town and village to monitor these initiatives and the results so we can better develop a long-term effective tick management strategy.”

Assemblyman Fred Thiele expressed concern regarding the growing issue of tick-borne illnesses in the region.

“The extent and severity of the Lyme disease cases on the East End has escalated to the point of public health crisis,” he said.

Thiele added praise for the passed budget that will help to address these concerns.

“The funding will allow North Haven and Shelter Island to expand highly successful four-poster programs.”

Four-posters attract deer with food, and then, as the deer eat, their heads and necks rub against rollers that distribute pesticides.

In addition to the new influx of state funding, other Hamptons organizations have mobilized to tackle the problem of increasing numbers of tick-borne illnesses. Southampton Hospital established the Tick-Borne Disease Resource Center in May, featuring a advisory panel of medical experts and corresponding hotline for residents.

The task force’s official report, as well as a brochure published by Senator LaValle, can be found on the Senator’s website at www.SenatorLaValle.com.

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