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Landing Mr. Right: Experience the New Board Game in Bridgehampton Friday

Ladies, we all know landing Mr. Right can involve a series of “mistakes” or, more properly, “learning experiences.” Each Mr. Wrong can put you on a more direct path to finding what it is you really want in a guy. No regrets, right? Plus, a bad date, or spell of dates, can make for a great story later on—best told with your gal pals over a bottle of chilled Pinot Grigio, brie and crackers.

On Friday, August 1, from 6–8 p.m., take part in girl power bonding at its best at The Hamptons Collective, located at 2411 Main Street in Bridgehampton, for an “evening of therapy” benefitting The Retreat Domestic Violence Services. While taking part in a worthy cause, you’ll die laughing over the new board game Landing Mr. Right. Created by Alys Daly along with girlfriend Victoria Brewer, the lighthearted game brings friends together to roll the die and date six different types of guys (Blue Blood, CEO, Regular Guy, Rock Star, Triathlete and Techno-Geek) while answering questions and enduring pretend dilemmas—many of which we’ve all encountered at some point! “The bonds between women are powerful,” says Daly, “While men may come and go, your true girlfriends are always there for you.”

The game begins with picking your pawn (a jewel that represents you) and every time you land on a “Heart Space” you pick a date card with the guy of your choice. Instructions read, “date the same guy or go out with all of them. It’s risk-free dating and a great opportunity to explore relationships with men you might not think are your type. Just like in real-life dating, you move forward and backward on your way to Landing Mr. Right (a space on the board).” Your “dates” take you to 10 destinations on the board: Sunny Side Up, Wild Things, New York New York, Be a Sport, French Kiss, Vegas Baby, Ride On, Meet the Family, Mountain High, Time to Wine. A “Your Story” card invites you to share your experiences with your girlfriends. Whether you’re in the midst of dating or have been happily married for eons, the game will have you laughing and reminiscing—bringing up topics that’ll stir your mind and conversation.

“The game builds confidence in women and helps them realize that when it comes to dating, they’re not alone. No matter what our circumstances are, we can all relate when it comes to men,” says Brewer. Landing Mr. Right (in real life) boils down to attracting what you want and letting it fall into place. And while that’s happening, before, during and afterwards, women need to show some love to themselves and their girlfriends.

At the event, which takes place on National Girlfriends Day, you and your pals will have the opportunity to snag the board game (perfect for bringing to the next bachelorette party) and peruse the goods at The Hamptons Collective—a collaboration between PopUp Summer! and Republic Spaces. Expert demos, sampling and sales will take place alongside Italian-made footwear, eco-friendly jewelry, cosmetics and much more from beloved brands like FACE Stockholm, Forma de Ser, Anatomie and KES.

Proceeds show sisterly love by going to The Retreat—the East End’s center for domestic violence services and education. The Retreat’s many programs include a residential shelter for women and children, a 24-hour domestic violence hotline, counseling and legal advocacy for all victims. “Landing Mr. Right is all about having fun with your girlfriends and so is the Hamptons Collective. We thought the two together would be the perfect way for women in the Hamptons to celebrate National Girlfriends’ Day. And, the event wouldn’t be complete without girlfriends giving back to women in need at The Retreat,” said Daly.

The Hamptons Collective is located at 2411 Main Street in Bridgehampton. Stop by this Friday, August 1, from 6–8 p.m. Take a sneak peak at the fun game at landingmrright.com. For more information on The Retreat, call 631-329-4398 or visit theretreatinc.org

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