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Hamptons Rich Guy Toy #444: Quadski XL Amphibean by Gibbs Sports

What wealthy Hamptonite hasn’t found himself torn between two fancy summer soirees on the same evening? Gibbs Sports’ new amphibious 4-wheeler, the Quadski XL, makes traveling from one tony waterfront address to another a snap—and you won’t even have to look at that brutal Labor Day or July 4 traffic.

Imagine for a moment that you’re attending a lovely gathering at the Creeks on the north end of Georgica Pond in Wainscott. But wait! You suddenly remember that Baron Von Paddywhack is also hosting sunset cocktails on Georgica Cove on the south end. What to do?

Quadski XL on land
Quadski XL on land, Photo: Courtesy Gibbs Sports,

The Quadski XL (or the single-seat Quadski) can traverse virtually any terrain. Simply hop on and drive to your party. Then—in the case of our Georgica Pond mess—make an easy exit from driveway to dock and on to the pond. This amphibious beast easily transitions from land to water, folding its wheels up for a quick ride as the crow flies, across the pond and right onto the backyard of your second event of the evening. You’ll be the toast of the East End social scene!

Quadski XL will impress your friends,
Quadski XL will impress your friends, Photo: Courtesy Gibbs Sports,

As the night draws to a close, the Quadski XL can avoid traffic, and any pesky speed traps, by riding from pond to beach and then east or west along the shore, landing you safely back at your oceanfront manse.

Let your chauffeur know (because the XL has room for two), Quadski is powered by BMW Motorrad’s K1300 engine. On water the BMW engine is joined with Gibbs’ patented water jet propulsion system. The vehicle can reach speeds up to 45 mph on both water and land. Its excellent performance and comfortable ride are the result of a lightweight composite hull, wide track and low center of gravity, which gives the Quadski robust stability on road, pond or beach. And retracting the wheel suspension on the water takes just four seconds, at the push of a button.

Quadski XL
Quadski XL, Photo: Courtesy Gibbs Sports,

Development of these beauties cost in the realm of $200 million, but interested Hamptons rich guys can take one home for a mere $40K. Visit the East End’s only Quadski dealer, Mariners Cove Marina (9 Canoe Place Road) in Hampton Bays, 631-728-0286, to see a one of these beasts in person.

Send your house manager or driver to Mariners Cove or and pick one up today!

Watch the Quadski in action below.


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