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Blue Ocean Spa opened mid-September and is the latest addition to Bridgehampton Commons. The convenient location seems to encourage massage as part of a weekly or monthly self-care ritual. In a partnership with Angel Tips nail salon, right across the parking lot, Blue Ocean Spa has a fabulous package deal that combines massage with a manicure and pedicure—perfect for a bride, bridal party and mother of the bride. (And why not get the groom and groomsmen in there for deep tissue massage, too?) The package is also fantastic for East Enders in need of a little recovery after work or running errands. Keeping the nail salon physically separate from the spa, yet still close, allows for total relaxation at the spa without the notorious chitchat and smell of nail polish.

Blue Ocean Spa boasts a tranquil atmosphere—with a contemporary design that makes use of high ceilings to include modern lighting fixtures and turquoise-blue walls. In the front lobby, there are places to sit, magazines to read, and tea or water to sip while you fill out a form that asks you to check off various health concerns and circle what parts of the body you’d like your masseuse to focus on. There is also the option to select a gentle, moderate or deep massage. Having circled the entire back and shoulder area and checked off the little box for “insomnia,” general manager Paul Kim and masseuse Kevin suggested a Swedish massage for me.

Once it’s time for your appointment, you’ll be led to one of several massage rooms, on the way passing the foot reflexology area—with four or five luxurious chairs paired with foot baths on each side of the hallway, sectioned off by hanging screens. Everything is brand new—from the towels to the tiles—for a clean, sleek interior.

There’s nothing quite like getting a mid-week massage. Indulgent, you might say. But during a 60-minute Swedish massage at the new spa in Bridgehampton, as years of knots in my back and shoulders were released, I realized that a massage is vital care for the body and mind. As each section of my extraordinarily tight back, beginning with the neck, was tended to, it seemed as though not only muscular tension but also whatever mental tension was held there was let go of. Afterwards, I felt like a completely new person with a new, flexible back.

Emerging from the massage room in an incredibly relaxed state of mind, I drifted across the parking lot to Angel Tips for the mani-pedi, where I was greeted by friendly staff. I went with one of the new Essie colors, “Too Taboo,” a fluorescent fuchsia berry, for both fingers and toes. Brides and bridal party members might opt for something softer in a pale pink like the ever-classic “Ballerina Slippers” or the almost-white “East Hampton Cottage.” Both manicure and pedicure were expertly done and I’m pleased to report, as a frequent hand-washer, that even several days later there are no chips.  Angel Tips salon has elegant lighting, comfortable chairs and professional service. With all of the planning and excitement over the big day, taking some time out for relaxation isn’t just an indulgence, it’s a necessity. The massage plus mani-pedi package at Blue Ocean Spa is a fantastic way to both unwind and prep for looking and feeling your best for your wedding or the wedding of a loved one.

For details on the special and for general rates, call Blue Ocean Spa at 631-537-0000. Blue Ocean Spa is located in Bridgehampton Commons, 2044 Montauk Highway, Bridgehampton. For more info on Angel Tips, visit

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