Shop ’til You Drop: Fulfill Fall Shopping Needs—And Wants

Club Monaco.
Club Monaco. Photo credit: Stephanie de Troy

Good news for Southamptonites—Club Monaco is here to stay through the winter, meeting our festive attire needs for all those upcoming holiday soirées. In addition, Club Monaco has just launched an edited collection of jewelry and bags from some of the world’s most compelling designers, titled “The Pieces.” The designers’ collection approaches and aesthetics were influenced by—of course—their art, along with architecture, atmospherics, history, music and landscapes. Going along with the brand’s mantra, “Get Inspired by What Inspires Us,” the idea for “The Pieces” grew from the jewelry and bags that Club Monaco Head of Design Caroline Belhumeur and the Club Monaco designers wear themselves, to the high-quality creations of additional independent designers worldwide. Stop in to see jewelry by Pascale Monvoisin, Estelle Dévé, Bing Bang, Seaworthy, Wouters & Hendrix, TL-180 and Lionette at Club Monaco, 35 Main Street in Southampton. Call 631-283-0438 or visit

A lot of folks like to use their outdoor grill year-round—and why not? It’s fun to bundle up and get outside after sunset, and you can’t beat the taste of grilled steak or chicken. You can take your barbecuing to the next level with a new accessory called Grate Chef Grill Wipes—an-easy-to-use disposable wipe that both cleans and oils your grill, so food won’t stick. The wipes attach to the bristles of any grill brush and apply a specially formulated grilling oil that won’t burn off like sprays and, because of their unique fiber, can be used on already heated grill grates for optimal non-stick performance. Grill Wipes are non-toxic and biodegradable. Grate Chef also makes FireStarters that eliminate the taste of lighter fluid in your food, as well as stainless steel wipes to clean and protect the outside of your grill or any stainless steel surface. Can I get a hooray? Order yourself a whole bunch of all three products at

For quality dog and cat treats without any fillers, preservatives or coloring added, turn to Talk Treats to Me, a Hampton Bays-based business founded in 2011 by locals Margaret and Bruce McDonough. Each treat comes in a 3-ounce bag, and because the meat is dried, a little bit goes a long way. Both dogs and cats will enjoy these snacks. Varieties include beef, chicken and liver, and each is high in protein. Find Talk Treats to Me at local pet stores. Visit

Clairvoyant Beauty sent some goodies for me to try. Their Balancing Rosehips Serum has left me feeling balanced—and smelling lovely. And their French Clay Cleanser with DMAE left my face feeling taut like a Parisian mademoiselle. DMAE stands for dimethylaminoethanol. This organically produced substance stimulates the central nervous system. For more information, visit

Get WOWed at Dr. Deborah Musso’s Wellness Opportunity Week—through October 25 in Southampton. All-Star Wellness doc and lifestyle coach Dr. Deborah Musso is now offering a terrific opportunity for East Enders to get wowed with their state of health and wellbeing. Being WOWed includes a personalized, comprehensive wellness evaluation and consultation. This provides a clear understanding of your state of being and a measurable starting point with which to chart your path to wellness. Call today 631-899-4445 or visit, 51 Bridies Path, Southampton. 

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