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5 Thanksgiving Place Setting Ideas

Whether this if your first time hosting Thanksgiving at your home, or you are just looking for fresh ideas to infuse into your traditions, here is an inspiring roundup of five place setting ideas to impress your guests.

burlap rustic table setting

Is your fine silverware showing its age? Instead of breaking out the polish, complement the tarnish with a rustic display. Use burlap napkins and twine, and add a dried colored twig or flower stem from your garden.

Thanksgiving dining

Great every guest with a gift tag, tied with ribbon to faux leaves of various colors that match your napkins.

Forget the tablecloths this Thanksgiving. Put down a woven placemat and provide your guests with more than one napkin—one for the lap, and one to wipe hands. Mix-and-match the colors.

Beautiful vintage Thanksgiving dinner table place setting

Tatting lace placemats have beautiful, intricate designs, which can give you a whole new appreciation for your china pattern when put together with your plates.

Happy Thanksgiving lunch, brunch or casual modern dining

So you’re having a buffet dinner. Don’t make everyone pick up their plates at the table, get their food, then go back to the table. Leave the plates at the buffet, and give your guests beautiful place settings sans saucers.  Give everyone their own cranberry sauce, grapes or berries, and mixed nuts. Add a branch for accent.

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