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Amy Zerner’s Fashion Sense: Pajama Style

What’s more comfortable than pajama style pants and a loose top?

Pajamastyles are one of the basic and key fashion solutions. They are very flattering and easy to wear for many body types. These styles become something cool and special when made of silky, fluid fabrics, or of delicate floral patterns or mini-prints, so it is important to choose the right fabrics.

Not just any old robe or pajamas work for this look. Forget the bedhead, well-worn flannels and terrycloth. Instead, satin or silk jacquard, crepe or velvet fabrics take pajama style to a more upscale, sophisticated level.

You can pair a flowy top with more structured pants or flowy pants with a more structured top. Remember, if it’s an evening affair, make at least one piece of your outfit dressy, whether it’s a fancy shoe, a statement necklace or perfectly refined makeup and nails. Top your outfit with a soft jacket that complements the color, sheen and design.

For daytime, be playful and wear a more sporty combination of fabrics. Drawstring pants are relaxed and can be more interesting than jeans, and when paired with layered pieces they are easy, nonchalant and functional. Comfort is key.

Amy Zerner is the Hamptons number one fashion blogger and fashion designer.

You can find her creations at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC or at The Enchanted World Emporium (8 Main Street, next to Rowdy Hall Restaurant) in East Hampton, 631-324-7695.

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