5 Questions and a Song with Adam Baranello

Adam Baranello
Adam Baranello. Photo credit: Courtesy adambaranello.com

Adam Baranello is an artist, dance instructor, clothing designer and musician.

Working from his home in Hampton Bays with wife and creative partner Gail Baranello, his endeavors include AJB Productions—an independent artistic expression of music, movement and art—and A&G Dance Company. His projects and performances often fuse all of the media he works in, and all are meant to deliver the message, “Change the world.”

Baranello has designed the official logo for public radio station WPPB 88.3 FM and the T-shirts for the “Media Mavens” radio program. He has his own weekly segment on WPPB with radio host Bonnie Grice, titled “In the Cut.”

He has six self-released albums, the latest of which is Grunge Pop.

We posed these five questions to Baranello and asked him to point us to one of his songs he thinks everyone should hear:

1. Outside of music, what other talents do you have that might surprise people?
Over the past year I have started to design and build furniture pieces. It has been a lot of fun to start playing with art in that kind of way. I also am a coffee aficionado.

2. What’s the best thing a fan has ever done for you?
I have had a few fans take a road trip from Illinois to New York to see a show. Their entire car was painted with AJB art and text. There are also a couple of people in the world that have gotten my logo, the skull wearing a fedora with two microphones crossed, as a tattoo. I think that is about Rad as it gets. To have someone permanently etch my art on their body is a pretty cool feeling… and somewhat of a responsibility to continue to push forward.

3. What’s one thing you don’t spend nearly enough time doing?
 I do not spend nearly enough time with my family. I see them pretty often considering the distance of everyone, but it would be nice to spend more time.

4. If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing with your life?
I cannot fathom not creating. If music was not a part of my how I make a living, I am pretty sure I would still be creating in other forms. If I couldn’t do what I do as a whole, and “artist” was not my career, I imagine I would find a way to create and teach in some facet. Short answer: a teacher….

5. What other East End musician—who is not regularly a member of your band—do you most enjoy performing with?
Being that the type of music that I do is so different than anything else out here; as I am electronic based and rely on computers and synthetic sound, I do not get too many opportunities to play with the other musicians out here. I am friendly with Robert Bruey and Inda Eaton, so I would put them at the top of my list. It would be fun.

And a song…
Stream or download Baranello’s “Rocket Ship” here and find more of his music at adambaranello.com/music.

Adam Baranello joined his wife, Gail, in teaching tykes how to dance to his tunes at Parrish Art Museum's DJ dance party on Friday, February 21.
Adam Baranello joined his wife, Gail, in teaching tykes how to dance to his tunes at Parrish Art Museum’s DJ dance party. Photo credit: Gianna Volpe


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