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Amagansett Family Pledges to Save 8K Animals in 5 Years

An Amagansett family of four has made a commitment and signed a family contract to collectively save the lives of more than 8,000 animals over the next 5 years.

The contract was prepared and was signed by all parties (who wish to remain anonymous for fear of repercussions from meat eaters), which includes mother and father (also referred to as the parents), son and daughter (also referred to as the children). The signatures were notarized and a copy was provided to the family attorney for safekeeping.

The contract, prepared by the father, though lacking solid legal language, reads as follows:

Be it known on this 12th day of March 2015 that the parties whose signatures are affixed herein, did hereby agree to the following terms:

1. That commencing on March 12, 2015 and continuing through midnight March 11, 2020, all parties agree to not knowingly consume any land animals, fin fish or shellfish as part of their daily diets.

2. That all parties recognize that in a single year, the average adult consumes more than 30 land animals, 225 fin fish and 151 shellfish. This is in addition to any game animals such as deer, squirrels, pheasants, quail, etc.

3. That all parties recognize that the collective impact of the adherence of this agreement is estimated to save the lives of more than 1624 animals per year or 8,120 animals during the 5-year term of the contract.

4. That upon the expiration of this contract, and compliance of the terms of the agreement, the children will receive a one-time payment of $500,000 each, to be paid from the savings or estate of the parents.

5. That should it be confirmed that any party knowingly engaged in the eating of meats and fish (also shellfish), during the period of the agreement, that the following will be in effect:

a) If either parent fails to keep their contracted obligation related to not knowingly consuming any live animals as outlined herein, the children’s payment of $500,000 each will be accelerated and due immediately, so long as the children are in compliance with the terms as of that date.

b) If either of the children fails to keep their contracted obligation related to not knowingly consuming any live animals as outlined herein, the remaining child will be entitled to both sums, upon the expiration of the agreement, so long as they have been compliant with the terms. If both children fail to be compliant for the term of the contract, no monies will be due to either child.

6. In the event that both children are non-compliant before the expiration of the contract and both parents are deceased at that time, it is directed that the collective sum of $1 million be excluded from the parent’s estate and donated to animal-related charities that are principally located in New York.

According to the website, in the year 2010, residents of the United States consumed more than 35 million cows, 118 million pigs, 4.5 million sheep, 261 million turkeys and 7.5 billion chickens. Over 40 billion shellfish, which includes shrimp, oysters, clams, crabs, scallops, lobsters and the like were consumed as well. That’s a lot of animal deaths.

Would you become a vegetarian for 5 years for $500,000?

The children are 12 and 14 years of age as of this writing. Let’s check back in 5 years and see how this all worked out.

Note: The author is a meat-eater but does support humane practices related to the raising and harvesting of all animals.

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