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Top 5 Lingering ‘Revenge’ Questions

Revenge has dense, complex stories with many characters, and while most of them pay off in the end, there are always a few threads that are dropped. Here are our Top 5 lingering questions about Revenge stories.

What happened to Javier? In the Season 3 finale, Nolan and Javier kinda-sorta made up and agreed to get Javier’s avatar creation app back from Daniel and Margaux. He was also dating Charlotte…which is why we were surprised that Javier was nowhere to be found in the beginning of Season 4. Charlotte was hot and heavy with sleazy Gideon LeMarchal, Nolan was bored out of his mind and there was nary a mention of any app. Was he taken down off-screen? We may never know.

Marco…No-lo? A weirdly mundane love triangle was developing in Season 2 when Marco, Nolan’s first love and former CFO, came back into his life while he was dating Padma, his current CFO. Neither character was very interesting—and clearly the writers agreed, since Padma was murdered by the Initiative before the season was over—but Marco declared his intentions to win Nolan back. What happened? We’re guessing Marco was a casualty of creator Mike Kelley leaving the series.

Didn’t Emily secretly hate Fauxmanda? In Season 1, Emily was stunned when Fauxmanda showed up at her doorstep in the middle of the night with a little predicament—she’d bludgeoned Grayson lawyer Frank Stevens to death when he tried to tell Victoria the truth about Emily. As they drove to bury the body, Emily had a flashback of her meeting Fauxmanda in juvie, fighting with her and finally talking to a supportive social worker who suggested she become friendly with Fauxmanda to stop the antagonism. Emily’s attitude toward Fauxmanda was very, very icy…which is why we were a little surprised at how close and BFF-like they were in Season 2. Was the friendship made to look more genuine so it would be sad when Fauxmanda met her demise, or was their friendship supposed to look ambiguous in the beginning?

How is Michelle Banks still practicing? Emily took this horrible psychiatrist down in Season 1 by recording her sessions and unleashing them at a luncheon to honor her. Even though it wasn’t Michelle’s fault (technically), wouldn’t this very public incident be enough to ruin Michelle’s life and career? Also, considering Victoria loudly and dramatically denounced Michelle after the incident, why didn’t anyone give pause when she helped have Vicky committed at the end of Season 3?

But seriously, WTF is the Initiative? Who the hell was Helen Crowley? And Trask? And how were they miraculously dismantled in between Season 2 and 3? And while we’re asking these questions, why didn’t anyone point the finger at Conrad after it all hit the fan? I could go on, but some questions just have no answers.

Revenge Season 4 airs every Sunday at 10 p.m. on ABC. Visit on Mondays to get the scoop from each week’s episode in our Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap, and read moreRevenge Top 5 lists here.

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