Guilty Pleasure Recap: The Bachelorette, Season 11, Episode 2

Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristow took unstable Kupah out for the count
Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristow took unstable Kupah out for the count, (ABC video still with text added)

“I’m the bachelorette!” euphoric Kaitlyn declares.

I’m not so sure you should start the parade just yet, Kaitlyn. It seems like Britt may just be off to a better start as—not the bachelorette.

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Britt is in the hotel room on the phone with mom, sobbing as she laments her loss. Knock at the door—enter Brady Toops, who says he’s there to get to know her better. Not bad, a home delivery. Maybe if you could just concentrate on one guy, fireworks could ensue?

Switch back to Kaitlyn. This week, she will go on two group dates and a one-on-one date.

The first date card arrives and names of the guys who will be going on it are revealed. On the bottom of the card, a note says something about this group date ending with a ring. What? Already? Maybe Kaitlyn does move fast.

The guys are taken to a dark warehouse where they find Kaitlyn surrounded by puching bags. Enter Laila Ali who says, “Boxing is like a relationship. It takes focus, discipline and commitment.”

Ali coaches the guys on boxing moves, then pairs them off for battle. When the dust settles, Ben Z is champ. Poor Jared winds up with a minor concussion and the doctor says he should go back to the house and rest.

Kaitlyn and the guys are having a cocktail party when she receives a note, which reads, “Come downstairs right now. I need to see you.” It’s Jared. He stopped by for a kiss before going off to the house for his prescribed rest. In the end, the rose of the evening goes to Ben Z. He won the boxing match, plus he allowed himself to be vulnerable with Kaitlyn as he related his story of loss. His mom died of cancer when he was just 14. He’s had some challenges in life and Kaitlyn finds that endearing.

Next, the one-on-one date with Clint. He’s an artsy kind of guy. He impressed Kaitlyn the first night by giving her a picture he drew of a dinosaur with Chris Harrison’s head sticking out of the top. It was quite an original concept—well crafted and a nice first impression gift. Kaitlyn and Clint drive to a villa where they will do an underwater photo shoot. The photographer prompts them to show a strong connection and they kiss during the shoot. At the end of the date, Clint gets the rose. There is undeniable chemistry between these two.

They end the evening by dining in a lovely rooftop setting, where they share another kiss. Now they’ve shared kisses underwater and on a rooftop. Not bad for a first date.

My take: Clint’s an attractive guy with a nice personality and, as an architectural engineer, one of the few with a good job. Not a bad catch, Kaitlyn. I’d keep him around for a while.

The second group date brings Kaitlyn and the guys to the Improv Comedy Club where they meet comedian Amy Schumer. The objective is to teach this group of guys to do standup comedy—not an easy skill to learn if you aren’t naturally gifted. This becomes obvious as each guy stands at the mic.

JJ starts to show his true colors and he comes off full of himself. Schumer says, “JJ is a sweetheart, but he does lack humility. Maybe when he sees the show he’ll reflect on himself and not be such a turd.”

Maybe, but you give this guy too much credit, Amy. Simply put, he’s a s__t. He has no filter.

At the get-together after the standup show, Tony, the healer, babbles on to Kaitlyn, “I’m here to pay attention to the signs the universe has put forward. You’re a combination lock as opposed to a key lock. The door opens and gold. What we can create is beyond our imaginations.”

My advice, Kaitlyn, send Tony home right now, slam the door on him, lock and bolt that door. Come up with a combination he will never decipher and throw away the key. Leave your “gold” for someone else.

Kaitlyn, you poor misguided girl. No, don’t give the group date rose to JJ! Soon you will find out he’s not sweet and sensitive. He’s smug and thinks he’s better than the rest. “You are wasting that rose!” I am shouting at the TV.

The cocktail party begins and Kaitlyn enters all sparkly. She is immediately whisked away by JJ. He’s losing his fan base with the other guys. They decided as a group that the guys who didn’t get dates this week deserved to have more time with Kaitlyn at the cocktail party. But, of course, JJ doesn’t care about the other guys and he doesn’t care how many enemies he makes.

Who winds up acting like a total dirt bag? Kupah starts an argument with Kaitlyn. He obviously has a chip on his shoulder as he tells her off about not paying attention to him on the group date. Kaitlyn is totally surprised as she felt he wasn’t interested in her. His attention on the group date was all about the boxing and not at all about her. Kupah, you know you came to The Bachelorette mansion for Britt, so why even bother to stay for Kaitlyn. You really aren’t interested.

Kupah starts arguing with the other guys. He argues himself right out of the house even before the rose ceremony. Kaitlyn has really had it with this guy. He’s way too difficult to keep around. At the end, Kupah is still yelling. This time it seems he’s telling off the cameraman. This guy is having a classic meltdown and must be ushered out before fists fly.

Switch back to Britt and Brady. They are so lovey together. Britt is getting what she wants. It looks like a romantic relationship is heating up for them.

Poor Kaitlyn, maybe being “not the bachelorette” is better than going through all that drama and stress. (Watch scenes from the coming episodes below!)

The Bachelorette Season 11, Episode 3 airs on ABC next Monday, June 1 at 8 p.m. Check next Tuesday for our next Guilty Pleasure Recap.

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