Monte Farber’s Psychic Thoughts: Clear Signals

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It’s not our brilliant flashes of inspiration or our passing passions that make our lives the way they are. It is our strongly felt beliefs, the ones we consciously and unconsciously dwell on every day, that help to create our reality.

This is not New Age psycho-babble. It’s easy to see how your strongly felt beliefs are naturally going to affect how you act and react in a variety of situations.

Your strongly felt beliefs will affect both the way you conduct yourself when speaking and how you respond to the statements of others, sending clear signals that can work for or, especially if you are unaware of them, against you.

Strongly felt beliefs can cause you to interpret the information you receive about your world in ways that are biased by those beliefs, thereby causing communications problems and missed opportunities.

Your beliefs can cause you to see in the world, not things the way they really are, but the way you already believe them to be, thereby depriving you of a clear picture of things and the development of a world view that includes more than your limited, preconceived notions.

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